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Game fishing articles

Jul 08, 2014

How to fly fish for Trout - beginners video guides to fishing

UK Fisherman are delighted to bring you a series of fly fishing videos courtesy of The Totally Awesome Fishing Show, designed to help anglers with a range of fly fishing techniques and tactics. If like me, you quite fancy giving fly… Read Full Story
Nov 14, 2012

A Fisherman's journey ends for 2012 as the trout fishing season closes.

Tony Mair's ridiculous mission (his words, not ours) to catch a trout from every river in the UK has continued throughout 2012. You may think he's mad, we think he's an inspiration to angler's everywhere! Tony contacted us after the season… Read Full Story
Feb 18, 2012

A Fisherman's Journey .. to catch a trout from a river in every county

When the mighty crack appeared to create what is now Monsal Dale, it must have frightened the living daylights out of the residents. It was so long ago they were not two-legged, but even the four have feelings. Have you seen its scale and… Read Full Story
The Scottish Fly-Fishing Experience
Nov 25, 2011

The Scottish Fly-Fishing Experience

Scotland must be the spiritual home of fly-fishing. As it is for golf, Scotland is unique in offering the complete package of tradition, etiquette and above all, thrilling and diverse sport. Whether its dry fly fishing for wild brown trout… Read Full Story
Derrick Jones from Adventure Fly Fishing UK
Sep 27, 2011

Trout from small waters

The brown trout is a great British game fish. They can be found in just about all the different sorts of waters throughout the British Isles, they can adapt to slow canal like rivers, deep Scottish lochs, brackish estuarine waters and tiny… Read Full Story
Jun 14, 2009

Trout Flies

If you are out there fishing for rainbow or brown trout you are fishing for the largest trout you can find. If this is the case then perhaps you should try using a larger fly for your fly fishing expeditions. The larger the trout the more… Read Full Story
Sep 27, 2008

Saving Salmon

Help "save the salmon" in Carmarthenshire Carmarthenshire's salmon are set to benefit from a new partnership project between Carmarthenshire Fishermen's Federation (CFF) and Environment Agency Wales. The project – Supporting Catch and… Read Full Story


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