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Fishing reviews | UK Fisherman angling and fishing reviews

Fishing reviews | UK Fisherman angling and fishing reviewsWe hope you enjoy the UK Fisherman "review section" section. Clicking on each review title will take you to a page where you can view and comment on each review.

UK Fisherman are constantly searching for informative and unique content for our website and would be delighted to hear from you if you would like to submit a fishing review for inclusion on this website. We'd love to receive fishery reviews, tackle and bait reviews, fishing DVD reviews, clothing reviews and more. To do so, please CLICK HERE to send us the details.
Disturbing the Water by Peter Wise

Disturbing The Water by Peter Wise

Category: Fishing Book Reviews Type: UK Fisherman
All alone in wild, remote places... obsessively pursuing their quarry in the fading light... is it any wonder so many anglers claim to have witnessed ghosts? In a change from the usual haunted houses and gothic go-to’s, these original tales of tragedy, redemption and the unexpected feature a variety of watery realms, including a Highland river, an Irish lough, a North American wilderness, a… Read More

Royal Berkshire Fisheries Review

Category: Fishery and Venue Reviews Type: UK Fisherman
Royal Berkshire Fisheries has a fantastic feel to it and everyone there is friendly. Brad is such a nice guy and the guys that work there are always happy to help. Another mention is Kev who was really helpful in setting me up after not fishing for over 40 years. Prime example of this place is I lost my sunglasses while fishing & Brad found them andlooked after them for me until I next came. I… Read More

Oakley Fisheries | Coarse and carp fishing venue review

Category: Fishery and Venue Reviews Type: UK Fisherman
Oakley Fisheries Review: Andrew Stevens, October 2015 Went to Oakley Fisheries Bromley. Good little fishery. It is a farm lake with a good number of 5LB-10LB fish. But some good lumps in there in 20's. Have caught a number of carp on pellets and paste for tench. Bread works well too. Only costs £7.00 so not bad value. The site has coffee and tea and toilets but no food, plenty of shops nearby… Read More

Oakley Fuel Cell Woodland Camo fishing specific Sunglasses review

Category: Fishing Clothing Reviews Type: UK Fisherman
A decent pair of sunglasses can be a god send when fishing in bright conditions. Some anglers even claim that a decent set of sunglasses is equally important as your rod, line and tackle. Being able to see the fish you're after is often significantly more than half the battle when trying to catch them. We were delighted therefore to be sent a pair of Oakley Fuel Cell Woodland Camo Sunglasses to… Read More

Clothing review: Regatta Mens Defender III 3 in 1 Breathable Waterproof & Windproof Jacket

Category: Fishing Clothing Reviews Type: UK Fisherman
Being protected from the wind and the rain whilst remaining comfortable is really important when angling, as it is when taking part in any outdoor sport or activity. We were delighted therefore to be asked to review a jacket from Brookes ... the Regatta Mens Defender III 3 in 1 Breathable Waterproof & Windproof Jacket ... and see whether it filled that brief. Product Description Made from… Read More

CC Moore's Active Feast Method Mix review

CC Moore products are created under the ethos "Quality without compromise". Their products are well known and well respected amongst anglers worldwide and their tried and tested baits not only represent outstanding value for money, they also contain high quality ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers… Read Full Story
Duck Sentinel

Duck Sentinel | fishing tackle review

Produced by Linjazro, the Duck Sentinel is an innovative new product designed to protect surface baits from widlfowl. Using the Duck Sentinel means you don't have to remove floating baits when ducks and other widlfowl appear. Product Description: Duck Sentinel is approximately 90mm x 25mm and being… Read Full Story
Wood Lane Farm Fishery Review

Wood Lane Farm Fishery Review

Wood Lane Farm Fishery is based in Iver, Buckinghamshire and consists of two coarse and carp fishing lakes. We've been hearing some pretty good thinks about the fishery lately including this reader review that was submitted recently. Wood Lane Farm Fishery Review: Chris Millar, August 2011 Top day out at… Read Full Story
Gwery Lakes Fishery Review

Gweryd Lakes Fishery Review

Gweryd Lakes provides Carp fishing, specimen silver fish and general coarse fishing and trout fishing on a choice of three lakes set in a 150 acre estate in the Clwydian Mountains Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Gweryd Lakes Fishery Review: L Mac, August 2011 Please don't refer to this venue as one of… Read Full Story
Shakespeare Pflugger Underspin 1810 Reel

Shakespeare Pflugger Underspin 1810 Reel

Review by Crazy Crab: August 2010The popular Underspin reel isn't just for ultralight enthusiasts anymore. Loaded with 10-lb. test for bigger lures and bigger fish. It sports the same four ball-bearing drive as the original Underspin. And each has a stainless steel front cone and rear cover, titanium line… Read Full Story

WeAdmire Fishing T-Shirts

WeAdmire is a T-shirt publishing company based in Shoreditch London. They have the world's largest collection of original t shirt designs including some awesome fishing t-shirt designs. Their shirts deliver self expression through an expressed or implied statement about what the wearer admires. About… Read Full Story
Self heating meals from Hotbox

Hotbox Self Heating Meals

Description Introducing the new and revolutionary HOTBOX Self Heating Meals to the UK You can now eat and enjoy a hot meal whenever and wherever you desire. Self Heating Meals technology is without doubt the most exciting area of the rapidly developing "food on the go" marketplace, and Hotbox has been… Read Full Story
Prologic Quick Release adaptors

Prologic Quick Release adaptors

Tackle and Bait Reviews Julian Gattridge
Prologic Quick Release adaptors. No matter what your angling discipline, these handy little adaptors will save you masses of time on the bank as they can be used on everything from landing nets to storm poles! Sometimes it's the little things that can make all the difference; and such is the case with this… Read Full Story
Monk Lakes, Kent

Monk Lakes Fishery

"Pads Army" is now associated with and sponsored by MONK LAKES FISHERY in Kent The Lakes now have 80 swims for Disabled Anglers. Pads Army and Monk Lakes' owners are hoping to have nearly all swims done by April 2009. Monk Lakes Fishery is still the best fishery in Kent and its going to get better. Our… Read Full Story
Middly Shotgun Feeders

Middy Shotgun Feeders

Top commercial match carp anglers have been trying to solve the problem of using pellets with a feeder, they needed a new feeder that delivered pellet bait like a 'dinner plate' away from the feeder. The SHOT-GUN does just that! You load the soaked mix into the chamber, then when on the bottom the SHOT-GUN… Read Full Story
preston stotx shot form preston innovations

Preston Stotz Shot

PRESTON STOTZ SHOT Description: Preston stotz are a hydrid shot designed for use on larger diameter lines (they also work perfectly on fine diameters!). The wide groove makes placing them on the line quick and easy. Another advantage is the increased surface area that grips the line. This prevents damage and… Read Full Story

Skinz hookbait pellets

SKINZ HOOKBAIT PELLETS Description: Skinz hookbait pellets from Sonu Baits are an advanced, skinned, hookable pellet type bait full of powerful fish attractants. The skin is full of soluble feeding triggers that go to work immediately once immersed in water. The skin has an elastic type property that grips… Read Full Story
Masterline XL 12ft Match Rod - Plus Half Price Reel

Cheap Match Fishing Roads

CHEAP MATCH FISHING RODS I hope that you’re reading this article just after it’s published, as I have a feeling that some of the rods I’m about to mention will be sold out very quickly! Internet stalwart, and clearance retailer for quality mail order fishing tackle, TackleBargains have been in touch today,… Read Full Story
korum quick change beads

Korum Quick Change Beads

KORUM QUICK CHANGE BEADS Description: Quick change beads enable you to change your hooklength instantly and also act as a shock bead when fishing a running feeder. Simple to use and totally reliable they are perfect for stillwater and river styles of feeder and bomb fishing. Review: Being from the old school… Read Full Story
Heater meals are ideal for outdoor lovers such as Fishermen

Self heating heater meals

SELF HEATING HEATER MEALS Description: HeaterMeals self heater meals go anywhere, require no refrigeration & heat themselves, in the box. Patented heating technology and traditional home-style cooking ensure a nutritious and delicious meal, right where you're standing, be it in a field, on a boat or on top… Read Full Story

Pondwood Fisheries, Berkshire

Pondwood Fisheries, Berkshire Located in Berkshire, Pondwood Fisheries is the premier fishing facility for anglers of all categories with three coarse fishing waters, one of which dates back to medieval times and one which is in excess of 30 years old. In addition there is the Snake, a still water course… Read Full Story

Frant Lakes, Kent

Frant Lakes, Kent Located just outside the village of Bells Yew Green near Tunbridge Wells, around 40 minutes drive from the South London area, Frant Lakes offers mixed and specimen fishing on eight lakes set in 200 acres of parkland as well as a fifty swim section of the River Teise. They offer disabled… Read Full Story

DreamLakes, France

DreamLakes, France The DreamLake Complex, consisting of six mature, tree-lined lakes offers excellent carp and catfish angling on either an Inclusive Package or Voyage Self-Drive basis. Currently five of the lakes are open, the sixth housing a huge number of stock fish, ensuring future growth and… Read Full Story

The Primeval Pike DVD

The Primeval Pike - courtesy of Beckmann Visual Publishing Description: This fascinating fish has been around for over 60 million years. The PRIMEVAL PIKE gives us an historical perspective and looks at pike biology and behaviour. Dedicated pike anglers show us their most successful baiting methods and we… Read Full Story
Fly Fishing In Iceland DVD

Fly Fishing in Iceland DVD

Fly Fishing in Iceland - courtesy of Beckmann Visual Publishing Description: This ambitious and exciting film about fly fishing in Iceland follows Icelandic local fishermen as they pursue their catch - Arctic Salmon, Sea Trout and Arctic Char. This is a unique fishing film allowing you to see the different… Read Full Story

Cottington Lakes, Kent

Based in Deal, Kent, 6 coarse fishing lakes make up the Cottington Lakes complex, offering a variety of angling to all levels - two mixed coarse lakes, two specimen carp lakes and a two match lakes, the latest of which was opened in 2005. Main species include carp, bream, tench, roach, rudd, perch and chub.… Read Full Story
Ben May catches over 374lb of carp using Red Crab Steamers

Carple Steamers baits

This is not so much of a review by me but a chance to gaup in awe at some superb carp caught recently using Carple Steamers Baits from the Baitmaster. Words seem unncessary - just feast your eyes on these beauties and then head over to THE BAITMASTER to order your baits direct from them. Red Crab Steamers… Read Full Story

River Bourne - Chertesy

The River Bourne is in places little more than a stream but can offer some excellent coarse fishing, particularly during the autumn and winter months when the river is in full flow. The River Bourne rises in the west in the grounds of Windsor Royal Park and flows through Surrey where it meets the Thames at… Read Full Story

Masterline Signature Super Specialist Rods

Masterline Signature Super Specialist Rods 2.5TC When Dave Havers of called me to say he’d got a batch of carp rods in for reduced clearance, I must say, I was over to see him in a shot. Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than happy with the Sportex rods I had built around four years ago, but… Read Full Story
Traditional Handmade Floats

Traditional Handmade Floats

Traditional Handmade Floatsspan There are many occasions in life when you find yourself getting really excited in anticipation of an event, only to be let down when it finally happens. I’m happy to say that this definitely was not the case when I eventually got round to ordering a few of the Traditional… Read Full Story

Middy Rock Ard Camo Match Carp Net

The Middy "Rock Ard" Camo Match Carp Net - courtesy of Middy Tackle Description: The Middy Rock 'Ard Camo Match Carp Net is a landing net designed specifically with match fisherman in mind. Light enough to handle with ease and be shipped in and out regularly which match fishermen need, but strong enough to… Read Full Story
Middy "Big Gob" Keepnet

The Middy Big Gob Keepnet

The Middy "Big Gob" Camo Keepnet - courtesy of Middy Tackle Description: The Big Gob is a totally new concept in keepnets that incorporates the use of camouflaged netting, this is to stop the net spooking carp when fishing in the margins, as many anglers do these days. The “Big Gob” name is derived from the… Read Full Story

Middy Baggin Wagglers

Middy "Baggin" Wagglers - courtesy of Middy Tackle Description: The Middy Baggin wagglers come in two colours, white and camo. They are available in a variety of weights to suit all situations. Pre-loaded, they make casting and shotting a doddle. the camo finish waggler is and ideal float for margin use or… Read Full Story

Sticky Sharp Rigs

Pre-tied fishing rigs from Sticky Sharp Rigs - By Marc Firstly I would like to thank Paul at UK Fisherman & the guys from 'Sticky Sharp' for giving me the opportunity to try out these rigs, I have been carp fishing for many years now & have always tied my own rigs so when the sample rigs arrived I was semi… Read Full Story

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