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Duck Sentinel | fishing tackle review


Produced by Linjazro, the Duck Sentinel is an innovative new product designed to protect surface baits from widlfowl. Using the Duck Sentinel means you don't have to remove floating baits when ducks and other widlfowl appear.

Product Description:

Duck Sentinel is approximately 90mm x 25mm and being transparent, is invisible to fish. Buoyancy is achieved by a collar of familiar coloured boilie or pellet shaped floats simulating food and acting as a visual attractant to fish. Both types can if desired be impregnated with any of the extensive range of flavourings available on the market.

Duck Sentinel has been designed to be reusable and has low resistance to breeze and light winds.


The weather decided not to play fair on the day we chose to try out Duck Sentinel with wind and rain making fishing uncomfortable at best. Despite the weather, the Duck Sentinel certainly seemed to live up to the manufacturer's claims. The wind didn't seem to trouble us and we were able to be pretty accurate with casting. Also, our surface baits were never troubled by the occasional passing duck and we were able to leave our bait in the water whenever one appeared.

Unfortunately we didn't catch any fish using the Duck Sentinel. In fact we caught very little using any method that day. That's fishing I guess. The following reviewers (taken from the Linjazro website) had more luck:

I saw Duck Sentinel on eBay and thought it would be a great accessory – why had no body ever thought of this before!! November is not the ideal time to catch on the top but gave it a go.  The carp seem to be attracted to the Sentinel which was a good start and I managed to catch three in an afternoon session on a rod, close in the margins.  The ducks came after my free offerings as usual but were unable to get at my bait.  Like all great inventions – simple but effective.
Fred from Uxbridge (London)
I was told about Duck Sentinel by a fishing buddy as I had not seen it advertised.  I obtained one on eBay and tried it on my local lake.  I fished initially in open water and managed to cast it with a controller float filled with water to where I saw fish feeding on the surface about 75 yards.  There were some ducks around, but they did not get my bait.  I managed to land a 6lb mirror, which was great for late November.  Good bit of kit – Mr Inventor.
Keith from Bedfordshire
The sentinel is a fantastic piece of kit that I must say I was a bit sceptical about it but believe me - it works! I used mine for margin fishing on my pole and had 20 carp over a 4 day period in the evenings mostly. I caught carp from 8 lbs to 14 lbs and had no trouble with the ducks, coots and swans getting to my bait-they picked off my freebies but were 100% unable to take my bait-I was using bread and oily floaters. I also found that the carp were interested in the flotation foam and this appeared to encourage them to keep coming back for more!
The other anglers were not happy with me - a mere female catching far better than they were!!
Tina from Nottingham


Prices and where to buy:

Duck Sentinel is available to buy online at

  • Duck Sentinel ready assembled with 8 x 16mm flotation Kiwi colour boilies, a bag of 8 x 16mm Pineapple coloured flotation pellets, a metre length of PVA string and 10 dumbbell stops:
    Price: £7.95
  • Duck Sentinel THE COMPLETE SYSTEM comes with all seven sets of coloured boilies and seven sets of coloured pellets, including dumbbell stops and PVA string
    Price: £19.95

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