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Fishing Reviews - Miscellaneous

Be-Well Expedition Foods Self-Heating Meals
Feb 14, 2011

Be-Well Expedition Foods Self-Heating Meals

Be-Well Expedition Foods Self-Heating Meals offer a cost effective solution for instant hot food whilst away from home and fishing. Be-Well Expedition Foods Self-Heating Meals offers a new concept in "instant" hot food and is the answer to… Read Full Story
Hand Printed Limited Edition Fish Prints
Mar 25, 2010

Hand Printed Limited Edition Fish Prints

Fishprints.org :: quality handprinted limited edition fish prints, hand signed by the artist, beautifully reproduced from hand painted originals. These prints would grace the wall of any angler or non-angler alike. About Fishprints.org:… Read Full Story
Self heating meals from Hotbox
May 14, 2009

Hotbox Self Heating Meals

Description Introducing the new and revolutionary HOTBOX Self Heating Meals to the UK You can now eat and enjoy a hot meal whenever and wherever you desire. Self Heating Meals technology is without doubt the most exciting area of the… Read Full Story
Heater meals are ideal for outdoor lovers such as Fishermen
Sep 21, 2008

Self heating heater meals

SELF HEATING HEATER MEALS Description: HeaterMeals self heater meals go anywhere, require no refrigeration & heat themselves, in the box. Patented heating technology and traditional home-style cooking ensure a nutritious and delicious… Read Full Story


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