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Fishing tips and angling tacticsUK Fisherman and anglers throughout the UK want to hear from you!
Struggling with your fishing? Need Help? The UK Fisherman Tips and Tactics section might just be able to help. Why not tell us about what fishing baits, techniques and tactics work well for you?

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Fishing tips and tactics

Mar 29, 2014

Fishing with Deadbaits - Pike Fishing Tips Video from The Totally Awesome Fishing Show

UK Fisherman are delighted to bring you "Pike Fishing Tips - Fishing with Deadbaits", another superb fishing tips video from the The Totally Awesome Fishing Show. Graeme Pullen tries some deadbaiting for big Pike and puts out some theories… Read Full Story
Jan 07, 2014

Feeder Fishing on Commercials - angling tips and tactics

UK Fisherman are delighted to bring you a series of fishing videos courtesy of ShakespeareFishingTV, designed to help anglers with a range of angling techniques and tactics. James Robbins from Shakespeare explains different swim feeder… Read Full Story
Jun 15, 2010

How to prepare perfect particles

Source: Crazy Crab, June 2010 Submit a Fishing Tip or Tactic: UK Fisherman would be delighted to hear from you if you would like to comment on any of our fishing tips or tactics. To do so, use the comment box below. Alternatively if you… Read Full Story
Jan 04, 2009

Pike Fishing at Loch Tummel

My first time pike fishing was at Loch Tummel in Scotland. Caught a 23 pounder on a mackerel tail injected with smelly fish oil - did the trick obviously. Andrew Gray - June 2008 Read Full Story
Jan 04, 2009

Fishing at Wood Lane Iver

I have fished at Wood Lane on about 6 occasions and have never failed to catch a good head of fish. In the middle of August I was fishing the smaller island lake on a Sunday with bread and sweetcorn on the ledger. By noon there wasn't much… Read Full Story
Dec 28, 2007

Pike Fishing Tactics

We were piking at Farlows on Dec 28th 2007 by the ramp. We caught 8 pike but 4 were small jacks. Some fell to float fished trout but most fell for hybrid rubber fish on a sink and draw method. Misty - December 2007 Read Full Story


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