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Fishing articles | UK Fisherman angling and fishing articles

Fishing reviews | UK Fisherman angling and fishing reviewsWe hope you enjoy the UK Fisherman "articles section" section. We have articles for coarse and carp anglers, game and predator fisherman as well as our begiiners guides to fishing.

UK Fisherman are constantly searching for informative and unique content for our website and would be delighted to hear from you if you would like to submit a fishing article for inclusion on this website. We'd love to receive on any subject ... as long as it's fishing rleated.. To send us an aticle, please CLICK HERE to send us the details.
Sep 03, 2018

Best Carp Fishing Baits for Winter

If you are looking to benefit from the fact that not as many anglers bother during the winter months, you will find it a lot harder to tempt carp. Not only are they lazier, but the fact is that their metabolism slows down to compensate for… Read More
Jul 16, 2013

Is fishing dead in the water?

John Bailey, author and presenter of the book and the TV series ‘Fishing in the Footsteps of Mr. Crabtree’ appeared on BBC1 Sunday 14th July to talk about the decline in youngsters getting involved in the sport of fishing. It’s a subject… Read More
Jul 11, 2013

Fishing In Cardiff

Freshwater Fishing in Cardiff If you are thinking of fishing in Cardiff then the one thing you will certainly have is variety. Cardiff is situated on the Bristol Channel where 3 significant rivers terminate. Two of these flow into Cardiff… Read More
The Scottish Fly-Fishing Experience
Nov 25, 2011

The Scottish Fly-Fishing Experience

Scotland must be the spiritual home of fly-fishing. As it is for golf, Scotland is unique in offering the complete package of tradition, etiquette and above all, thrilling and diverse sport. Whether its dry fly fishing for wild brown trout… Read More
Derrick Jones from Adventure Fly Fishing UK
Sep 27, 2011

Trout from small waters

The brown trout is a great British game fish. They can be found in just about all the different sorts of waters throughout the British Isles, they can adapt to slow canal like rivers, deep Scottish lochs, brackish estuarine waters and tiny… Read More
Beginners guide to game fishing
Feb 21, 2011

A beginners guide to game fishing

Game Fishing Licences In England (except the River Tweed), Wales and the Border Esk and its tributaries, anglers aged 12+, fishing for "game" fish, including salmon and trout, must hold a valid rod licence. A licence for game fishing also… Read More
Jan 09, 2011

A beginners guide to coarse fishing

Coarse fishing is angling for freshwater fish other than those denoted as "game" fish, such as salmon and trout. Newcomers to the sport should be aware that a valid Environment Agency licence is a legal requirement for anyone aged 12 or… Read More
Jul 25, 2010

Beginners guide to coarse fish

By Crazy Crab Uk Fisherman's guide to coarse and freshwater fish features an introduction to some of the most commonly found coarse fish in UK waters, their habitats and the best bait and tactics you can use to catch them. Submit a News… Read More
Jun 21, 2010

Newcomers guide to angling and wildlife

Golden Rules: by Crazy Crab What could be better than spending a few hours fishing in the countryside - not much to be honest! But please remember to take care of the environment that you are in and respect the birds and animals who live… Read More

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