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How to make carp fishing boilies using krill and the secrets of their success!


You might be aware that krill is one of the most irresistible and popular carp fishing ingredients! But how and why it works best and how you can exploit it to maximise its potential for maximum catches are all vitally important for you to discover! Krill is the Norwegian word for whale food and this really sums up how good this food source is for attracting big carp to your hook, so read on to catch more big fish now!

How to make carp fishing boilies using krillKrill are small marine arthropods in the same class group as crabs, crayfish, lobsters and shrimps. Each of these has proven attraction and stimulation to carp; the reasons for this are extremely significant to improving your catches and krill really is a super food having accounted for endless big carp over decades! Krill is an incredibly rich food source rich enough in essential nutrients to support the largest animals in the world; the whales!

Krill meal is attractive to carp for many reasons relating to a variety of substances it is composed of, very many act as appetite stimulants and attractants! These act upon carp via processes which are in at least some ways akin to our taste and smell functions, though carp differ in many structural, biochemical, nervous pathway and brain connectivity aspects etc compared to humans who sense via specialised cell, water-covered membranes.

Antarctic krill is best known as bait due to its purity, natural intrinsic nutrition and other benefits to carp. Krill’s natural abundance compared to very many already depleted fish species today realistically already heading for extinction makes it an ethical bait choice!

Palatability of krill is in part due to various amino acids, including glycogenic amino acids. Probably the most powerful aspect of krill is a certain quaternary ammonium compound that hugely increases the stimulation of krill to carp. After so many years of research I have done a very significant pattern has emerged that I’ve noticed in that many low molecular weight substances are highly attractive or stimulatory to carp, catfish and many other species!

So when you are looking for new and more alternative and more unusual substances to exploit which are genuine true feeding trigger rich substances to bypass carp or catfish wariness due to their exceptional feeding trigger potency for instance, this is part of what I look for!

Protein content of krill meal is approximately 58 percent. Meal is far more detectable to carp and far more stimulatory to carp, and far more energy-efficiently, more instantly digested and assimilated by carp, when the protein fraction is extracted and hydrolysed by enzyme actions producing instantly detectable, instantly assimilated peptides!
(So do exploit CC Moore Krill Amino Compound for example!) Some of the more abundant amino acids in krill meal (stimulatory to carp,) are aspartic acid and glutamic acid and proline.

The krill lipids 15 to 18 percent content is seriously significant to its outstanding success as big carp bait!
Krill carapace hard shell chitin converted to chitosan by enzymes, acts as usable carbohydrate and a significant immune system booster for carp. (Many well-known carp bait substances also boost balanced health and immunity of carp - carp respond to such internal impacts very positively!)

Krill meal is rich in natural carotenoid pigments, nearly all in the form of astaxanthin. This pigment is a potent antioxidant, protecting health of fish from oxidative processes and their negative effects. Astaxanthin has also been found to be a factor in higher growth rates in fish, as well as improving longevity. The pigments in tomatoes, peppers as in Robin Red additives, and in other crustaceans for instance, have similar internal positive impacts and make krill and meal and related products more productive as bait for carp.

Carp and other fish are instinctively drawn to foods containing vital nutrients involved with essential functions. Krill’s ratio of low calcium to phosphorus (1,5:1) compared to brown fish meal or shrimp or crustacean meals mean better absorption of both these essential minerals.

Many of the minerals in krill are very easily biologically-available as they are in one way or another joined to amino acids, proteins, or peptides. Carp instinctively are attracted such chelated minerals! One example in krill is copper chelated with the feed-triggering lysine amino acid, the level of which is 10 times higher in krill compared to fish meals; great for instant and long-term baits!

Use krill meal in boilies or stick mixes etc at 50 to 100 grams per kilogram. For buoyant zig-rig or surface floating baits, and wafting or pop-up hook baits, this light ingredient can be used in much higher levels! Usually krill is used at up to 3 ounces per pound of bait or roughly 300 or 400 grams per kilogram of boilie or paste base mix. This is dependant upon the density and weight or buoyancy of other ingredients included.

For instance 90 mesh rennet casein makes baits more buoyant with a soft center, while maize meal, or especially 60 percent protein maize protein is a very dense ingredient and makes baits heavier, (as do naturally mineral-dense clay powders!) Such effects can be manipulated to catch loads more fish in different fishing situations, fishing in silt, on top of blanket weed or to get free baits out much further distances etc.

Krill amino concentrates are denser than water sinks into and across the bottom holding fish for long periods. Krill meal and extracts can be exploited to boost and open up boilies and pastes baits, and indeed be used as soluble and particulate attraction as part of ground baits, stick mixes and so on as well as alter active characteristics of baits for weed or heavy chod etc.

As with krill, the more you can find out about bait substances, the more powerful new edges you’ll become aware of or create new to induce feeding situations that conventional approaches will fail to achieve as effectively, especially in regards to big wary fish!

I have spoken to anglers who have been making homemade boilies using old fashioned HNV or BNV theories and to direct about it, they have really missed the point. The aim is certainly not to feed fish with nutritional elements, but to get maximum bites as a result of their presence in the water in solution as attractors and feeding triggers, bioactive factors with internal impacts and so on which further induce feeding. This is massively under exploited in baits sealed with eggs, using conventional levels of proteinous materials offering excess free amino acids.

My own new unique paradigm of designing astounding feed trigger dense active and bioactive, prebiotic and probiotic thermogenic, metabolism-boosting, feeding prolonging baits are a world away from those using conventional liquid egg, carbohydrate binders and whole proteins such as fish meals and milk proteins which are not already hydrolysed totally.

Carp are the same all over the world and to date anglers in over 70 countries are using my ebooks each in their own uniquely creative ways. The series is about exploiting the sensitivities internal and external processes and sensory systems using vital true feeding triggers, plus attractors, incitants, enhancers of various forms, sweeteners and other substances, which all are used to maximise the impacts on these processes and systems to get fish to feed to induce as many bites as possible.

This is a very wide and deep subject and my ebooks span 4 years of research testing and writing on top of my previous 25 years of making baits for myself, and not only have I personally hooked a previous world record carp, and a previous UK best catfish and county biggest carp, but I understand how and why, as these happened by design, by logical application of bait knowledge and systematic bait application.

The ways bait work in probably what can be considered the most prominent way is to ionise water. Basically effective baits in solution very significantly increase the hydrogen ion concentration in a volume of water and carp both detect this ionisation plus detect the fact that water is different.

Carp also detect and are directly and indirectly influenced by the different amino acids, organic acids, solvents in flavours, low pH sugar enhancers, chelated salts substances ionising or reacting with the water the water in different ways all simultaneously. All of these impacts upon various external and internal aspects of the sensory systems of carp and induce feeding responses! These induce feeding depending on concentration, duration of concentration, strength of potency, levels of feed-triggering substances used as the actual basis of your baits and so on.

The strength of response, form of feeding actual that takes place, intensity of feeding response and aggressiveness and competitiveness of carp while feeding, or measured very prolonged almost in a trance type slower feeding can be induced directly by how you design your baits and by very careful consideration to substances choices, combination and levels choices and so on, which takes some knowledge and previous real fishing and bait making experience to optimise!

The aim of my 7 bait secrets ebook series is to give you the biggest picture on how to create feeding trigger-based baits as easily and as potently as possible in your very own unique way so your baits always represent new experiences to wary carp which abound in most carp lakes today!

Readymade baits are made for profit, so by definition cannot be made to induce truly maximised feeding responses due to too many compromises having to be made on feeding trigger density cost and functional limitations of such baits which are heated!

But you can create truly optimised for function and truly maximised for feeding trigger density and internal and external physiological impacts within your baits, with no limit to feeding trigger density! Another point is that boiling baits or indeed steaming baits (which means heating at a higher temperature even than boiling point,) makes them seriously under-optimised as baits as they are sealed by coagulated proteins which are long chains damaged by heat.

Such baits have serious flaw because they cannot become what they need to be i.e. feeding triggers and attractants etc in concentration in solution because the coagulated proteins stop water ingress and penetration for a very significant time! For this reason then such baits only ionise via the surface of the baits, and then take many hours to break down and dissolve to ionise water so fish really detect them most easily.

But one of the most powerful actual points of baits is to promote and generate extremely significant ionisation of water! Thusly you can see that making your own high potency baits not boiled or steamed is a very serious advantage indeed. If you think that using a barrel shaped boilie instead of a round shaped boilie is an advantage then think again! Far too many carp sort these within weeks of initial introduction and they do not have the advantage they had years ago!

In fact barrel shaped machine formed baits might as well be the new round baits because they are no better today! Carp simply adapt by association with danger and they do this extremely fast, some carp do it instantly as they are more sensitive than others. Do not be fooled by slick advertising; do your own comparative testing and the truth is obvious and it will more than probably shock you as it did me before I really questioned everything about the modern commercial bait industry and their claims and hype!

So to catch carp far more easily make your own baits as different in features and characteristics and modes of action as possible. To do this most effectively for maximum results to beat ready made baits so well as to make them forever irrelevant forever, you need to be thinking deeper than just creating a recipe, but how to optimise everything about the entire bait format and application.

I encourage you to take advantage of every aspect of my multiple ebooks, some revealing catfish sensitivity issues of substances and metabolic secrets which applied to carp bait recipes will catch you far more big carp! You will benefit for life, and also your understanding and skills and growth in fishing and actually in other areas will be dramatically improved, including your awareness about personal nutrition and its impacts on mood.

The most potent homemade baits and foods with internal impacts are in fact mood modulators. In other words all food or bait are drugs altering brain and body chemistry and crucial balance of inner sensations and feelings and drivers of key behaviours which means carp moods can be changed on purpose in your unique favour to catch you loads more fish! All this can be harnessed and exploited in whichever ways you choose; the information is within the ebooks series!

In summary, for the big fish specifically, krill offers vital key components that not only promote cumulative internal effects which make carp feed more on your baits (instantly and repetitively,) but big fish require extra energy-efficient elements of nutritional potency and krill has the intrinsic power to fuel big fish feeding big time! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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