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Best Beginner Homemade Carp Baits And Expert Boilie Recipe Secrets!


More and more anglers in the UK and around the world are making their very own secret carp baits. But some baits and potent ingredients additives liquid foods and flavours, palatants and enhancers and sweeteners are far more successful than others! Start off right and get big carp results instantly. Get the very best information straight away by reading on right now!

Tim Richardson: Bait Big Fish

Many of the most successful carp baits in the history of carp fishing are very simple. Among them are bread, sweetcorn, hemp seed worms, maggots and luncheon meat. But to make a paste or dough bait or boiled bait requires some knowledge of carp and how they work. To be most successful it is not merely a matter of choosing ingredients! To choose the right combinations and levels of substances requires knowledge, testing and experience and I have about 37 years of this.

Sweet corn is a bait which Fred J. Taylor brought back from the States in the sixties and he was one of the circle of pioneering carp anglers fishing Redmire pool alongside Richard walker at its peak! What Fred perhaps missed in the function of sweetcorn was a little secret regarding how baits actually work. Carp baits work by reacting with water. Sweetcorn is bound up in an insoluble coating. This limiting situation is just the same as with egg-sealed boilies, until time passes by and water eventually solvates the egg!

A successful carp bait must by definition be soluble or at least create a difference in the water! Paste baits and boilies produce a biochemical difference fish can detect and home in on by following a concentration gradient. The more this concentrated solution is composed of truly feed-stimulatory substances which have enhanced palatability, the higher possibility a good number of carp will mouth test your baits.

Whenever carp actually mouth test baits in the back of their mouth you are maximizing the chances of getting your hook bait into the mouth in order to hook your fish and catch it! The combination of sugars and other palatability factors within sweetcorn or indeed in tiger nuts (or chufas,) represent a very simple example of a beginner carp bait. The way to maximise the detection of a bait sealed in an insoluble coating as with sweetcorn, or even in the skin of tiger nuts is to crush the individual seeds or corms to expose the more soluble components to water impregnation. This is one huge reason why creamed corn enhanced with milk and sugar and sweetener-enhanced crushed tiger nuts are such effective components in ground baits, particle mixtures and boilie and past baits!

There are many ways to begin thinking about making homemade carp baits and yet the first step and best way is to create something which is very soluble and truly triggers feeding! The second step is to consider how to bind into a solid object that which is soluble and will trigger feeding. The third step is having chosen binding ingredient or other substance, is to form a paste or dough. The fourth step is to further process the bait, or use it as paste or cook it, by low temperature baking, or fast-steaming, to create resilient boilies.

I absolutely recommend avoiding using eggs as binding agents. I also totally recommend avoiding boiling your baits at all costs! Boiling dough or paste baits actually does more harm than good and literally ravages the great percentage of water-reactive and most volatile substances straight out of your bait even before it hits your fishing lake, thus drastically reducing your chances of triggering feeding best and catching fish! Just because a method has been used by many anglers for years does not make it the best way and it is merely a practical method that makes commercial bait makers money using boilie extruding and rolling machines! I can assure you in terms of catch results, that fast steaming and low temperature baking of baits is stupendously superior to boiling baits to create boilies!

So what kinds of ingredients and liquids can be chosen to create a beginner bait? The best ingredients must ideally include a high density of true feeding triggers. But unfortunately most recipes you will see actually are not high in true feeding triggers at all and are in fact very low in them! So what do you need to think about in your choices of ingredients? A very good first step is to consider high protein ingredients which are soluble or contain a high percentage of water-soluble component.

Until fish meals become so scare due to over-fishing, or so pricey that they are prohibitive, then there is no closer approximation to what nutritionally triggers carp in terms of their basic needs. For this reason a good fish meal with a high protein content and high water-solubility is a really sound starting point that will trigger feeding. In fact you could almost use such fish meals just with water and expect to achieve instant success, but fish meals tend to break down very fast and to be non-binding! You might choose a could of binders and milk powder such as Vitamealo or Lamlac will create a soft soluble bait, especially when used alongside less soluble binders such as semolina and soya flour.

Even beginner boilies and pastes ideally must be high in true feeding triggers which dominate the bait instead of being dominated by carbohydrate binders. I mostly avoid carbohydrate binders anyway, but let’s say you’re just starting out, so keeping things simple helps! To improve the palatability stimulation over all of any baits which contain carbohydrate binders it is very sensible and more productive to include a mineral and vitamin source suitable for cold water fish. Mineral and vitamin supplements can come from many sources as indeed can flavours and liquid protein complexes and oils which can all be used and combined.

My advice is to use a low level of oil (for example 10 milliliters per kilogram of base mix of mixed nut oil,) and in the beginning use very high levels of protein liquid complex and a moderate level of flavour. Hook baits can possibly contain high levels of flavours or combinations of flavours and other flavour components. In starting out, in most baits using fish meals and carbohydrates, if you use about a 60 percent fishmeal to 40 percent milk and soya and semolina or other binders. Then the baits should form a successful paste which will last for several hours immersion.

Use about 20 grams per kilogram of chilli or cayenne powder and at least 50 grams of Belachan powder as these have significant functional external and internal impacts in helping baits be detected, triggering protein feeding and assisting in baits being hydrated better and digested faster, especially using wheat germ in the mix. If you want a firmer bait I’d consider using a percentage of maize meal which firms up soft milk powders.

Many fish meals go hard anyway due to the percentage of fish bone and insoluble material they contain!) The method is simple; simply mix your powder ingredients together, mix your liquid blend and add your powders gradually to your liquids in a container. Form a firm paste and then form individual baits!

You can roll baits by hand or bait rolling table and extrusion guns. Personally I do not bother to make my baits round since carp very easily sort hook baits from round bait shapes! I aim to make all baits unique individual sizes and shapes! To create boilies, simply fast steam your baits (just as you would vegetables,) or use low temperature baking instead to create baits which last longer in water and are more resilient to pest fish species than pastes.

Personally I recommend that you do not heat all your homemade baits. Just heat a small number of hook baits and use paste and heated baits and paste on your rig all together. (This is the way I hooked the world record carp back in 2006!) Remember that this is merely a beginner bait and that though it is a sound and proven foundation, you will absolutely need to improve the design very drastically to actually maximise bait function and impacts to maximise your catches of numbers of fish and of wary big fish.

My goal for the past 12 years full-time in homemade bait testing research teaching consulting and writing has been to discover the truth about how to achieve actual intraoral feeding which is the exact form which promotes the feeding mouth movements and inflows of water that bring the bait to the back of the mouth to be tested. It is this which will truly maximise your catch rate as it means your rig spends most time being tested deep within the mouth giving your rig maximum time and chances to take a hold.

In reality carp will test fishing baits whether boilies, paste baits pellets mostly by external means using receptors on fins, belly, flanks, face, tail, lateral line, barbels and lips. Wherever fish are under fishing pressure and are constantly exposed to anglers baits and hooks then the least testing of all will be actual mouthing of baits where the bait is taken back in the mouth for further testing. This is the Holy Grail of bait and a key aspect of what I teach in my personal intensive one to one courses and in my upcoming written and pictorial course for beginners to expert levels.

I’ve been teaching bait courses one to one in intensive 1 day personalized course formats for the past 5 years for beginners to expert levels and this has led me to produce a written and pictures-emphasised product which will empower anglers of every level to make world class homemade baits and for that matter, world class readymade baits! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets tuition and ebooks is far more powerful information; look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my exceptionally powerful, totally unique bait tuition and accompanying bait making ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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