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A beginners guide to night fishing in the UK


If the pier is too crowded for you during the daytime, night fishing could be for you. Not only is it a more convenient option for many people, you can actually improve your chances of getting a bite by fishing at night. Some fish, like carp and catfish, are nocturnal and actively feed during the night – they could be yours for the taking.

However, you will need to take certain precautions to ensure your own safety. These top tips will help you get started.

Keeping warm

As The Independent reports, Britain is poised to experience a barrage of snow and sleet soon. These near-Arctic weather conditions don’t mean that you have to cancel your night fishing trip – you just need to be savvy with what you wear.

Wrapping up warm is essential if you plan on night fishing this winter. Base layers are a great option as these hug the body, trapping an insulating layer of air onto the skin. You’ll also need a warm coat, thick socks and a hat to help you beat the chill.

Take a look at the range of Snugpak items available from Polimil. Designed for extreme outdoor environments, their thermal products would be perfect for any fisherman.


It goes without saying that night fishing is dark. This can make baiting your line and unhooking your fish incredibly difficult tasks.

To avoid having to fish in the darkness, you should always pack a torch with you. The last thing you want when at the end of the pier is for your torch to run out of batteries. Wind up torches are an excellent option as they are kinetically powered.
Unless you’re fishing with a friend who can hold it for you, carrying a torch can be inconvenient. A great way to free up your hands is to go for a head torch. Simply strap onto your head and illuminate all you need to see, without having to juggle it with what you’re doing. This torch, also available from Polimil, would be ideal.

Pack a snack

Depending on the length of time you fish for, you may find yourself growing hungry. Eating a hearty meal before you head out will help to keep you warm, as your body generates heat as a by-product of digestion. You should always take a selection of snacks with you too. A hot flask of soup or tea would be a great option to keep you warm.


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