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Fishing is truly a national sport here in the UK. It does not matter where you live, there is always a pool or stream somewhere that you can dip a line into. The same applies as to what type of fishing you enjoy as well. There are coarse fishing spots everywhere to enjoy, from Land`s End to John O`Groats. Game fishing is almost as prevalent with reservoirs, streams, rivers and private pools providing endless opportunity for salmon, trout and grayling.…
If coarse fishing is your passion then surely your quest is to fish at Britain`s top fisheries. To test your skill on the best waters, whatever your quarry, is a real treat. Now we are going to look at highlighting five top fisheries to visit and enjoy. Bury Hill Fisheries Bury Hill Fisheries is located in a beautiful area of Dorking in Surrey and the estate itself is over 200 years old. There are four lakes on this large site…
Like just about every fisherman in the world it all starts as a boy, Having lived in Nottingham i was never short of a river or lake to fish, and of course what to fish for, carp, pike, bream, roach etc. So on moving to france 10 years ago i was in heaven, the unspoilt, none over fished rivers, the well stocked lakes and the beautiful surroundings and nature to take in whilst waiting for the bite. I started Carp…
By Marc Gough Part One A year ago two fishermen & I embarked on a quest into the unknown! Our mission, to winkle a few large carp & some of the resident Cats out of Manor Farm fisheries in Headcorn, Kent. With very little knowledge of the complex consisting of a match lake with a few carp up to the 20lb mark, a specimen carp lake with carp to the low thirties & specimen carp/catfish Lake with fish up to…
Golden Balls Carp & Match Charity Fundraiser for Cancer Research UK. Now if you haven’t heard of the Golden Boll**** charity fund raiser, please take the time to read this article as it will no doubt fill you with inspiration and warmth especially when most things in the world at the moment seem to all doom and gloom. After last years outstanding achievement in raising just under 21k, the guys and girls behind this incredible event made sure that they…
WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH: Submitted by Sue Mcdermid Uk Fisherman was recently contacted by a justifiably disgruntled angler who raises an issue that all anglers should take note of. Sue Mcdermid and her partner decided to spend a day fishing Fields lock on the River Lea in Hertfordshire. Their experience was far from pleasurable. Sue explains: "My partner and I fished at Fields lock on the River Lea yesterday (7.8.06) and we were appalled by the rubbish strewn about…
MATCH FISHING - By Ergo It’s time to put your fishing skills to use and bring home some coin – but what steps need to be taken to get on the match-fishing ladder? Ergo reveals the info you’ll need... Many pole anglers spend countless hours bashing away at their local venues. But what if you could actually make some money from it? Well, many anglers have the same thought week in, week out and when it comes to fishing a…
Not Such A Great Fishery !! Uk Fisherman was recently contacted by Gareth Scutt who wanted to pass on his concerns regarding a fishery in Cheshire and the condition of the fish there. Gareth said: I would like to inform your readers about an appalling incident involving what I have always thought to be a great fishery. I visited Cheshire Fisheries, Nr Tattenhall, Cheshire and upon arrival I noticed that the surface of the smallest course lake was covered with…
The Wels Catfish Description The Wels Catfish has a long, scaleless body like an eel, with a large head and mouth. The inside of the mouth has rows of 100s of tiny little velcro like teeth on the top and bottom of its jaw, these are used to hold its prey before passing it to the two sets of crushing pads at the back of the throat. It has six barbules, two long ones on the upper jaw for detecting…
WHAT CHANCE A SEVERN MONSTER? - By Stuart Watkins Source: Barbel Catchers Club It’s now almost a decade since Howard caught his former British record fish from the lower reaches of the Severn. I recently read an article by Steve Stayner in one of the angling monthlies where he briefly mentions the capture of this memorable fish. He then goes on to talk about the many people who have since tried to catch it, or a different fish of a…


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