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Wood Lane Farm Fishery Review


Wood Lane Farm Fishery is based in Iver, Buckinghamshire and consists of two coarse and carp fishing lakes. We've been hearing some pretty good thinks about the fishery lately including this reader review that was submitted recently.

Wood Lane Farm Fishery Review: Chris Millar, August 2011

Wood Lane Farm Fishery ReviewTop day out at Wood Lane Farm

Went to Wood Lane on Friday 02/08/2011 with a friend who's never been fishing before and had a great day off, avoiding going to work.

The staff were all very friendly and helpful, the surroundings were tidy and the water looked clean. Even though it was a week day the match lake was almost packed and in the short time it took us to walk round to a free swim almost everyone we could see was into a fish. We spent the first part of the day dangling maggots nice and high in the water and bagging loads of small roach and tiny perch until my mate hooked into the biggest roach I have ever seen. We didn't get a chance to weigh it but it was at least 2lbs if not nearer 3lb.

I switched methods to try and catch my first carp and tried all sorts of methods both on the bottom and mid water. They turned their noses up at 5 maggots on a hook, slices of peperarmi, sweetcorn and bread. As soon as I went and bought some pellets, within 30 seconds of casting out with a feeder and ground bait I was straight into a 2.5lb common carp.

Very happy but very sun burnt.


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