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Middy Shotgun Feeders


Top commercial match carp anglers have been trying to solve the problem of using pellets with a feeder, they needed a new feeder that delivered pellet bait like a 'dinner plate' away from the feeder.

Middly Shotgun Feeders The SHOT-GUN does just that! You load the soaked mix into the chamber, then when on the bottom the SHOT-GUN gradually shoots out the bait leaving a separate non-obstructed 'dinner plate' complete with the hook bait

Accurate lose feeding with pellets can be a bit of a nightmare for the average rod and line angler. Well that used to be the case until along came the Shotgun Feeder from Middy.

I tried the Shotgun Feeder at the stunning Celtic Lakes Resort in Wales and despite some atrocious weather, this clever new device certainly proved its worth. Setting up the feeder couldn't be simpler - thread your main line through the centre of the tube and attach a swivel. Then tie a very short hook length to the other end of the swivel.

Next, take some soaked feed pellets and fill the feeder chamber half full, drop in your hook bait and then fill the remainder with pellets, pressing them quite firmly to prevent them escaping during the cast. The key to success with the Shotgun Feeder is to get the consistency of the soaked pellets just right - too hard and they fall out during the cast, too wet and they take too long to escape and end up looking a soggy mess. The aim is to get it so once the feeder hits the bottom, the spring within the feeder pushes the pellets out slowly so they form a nice pile of tempting bait with your hook bait buried within. Similar to the method feeder principle I guess.

I find it hard to say a bad word about these revolutionary feeders from Middy. It takes a short while to get the consistency of the pellets just right, but that's the only difficult thing about using these pellets. For commercial carp fisheries, these would take some beating, where carp are reared on pellets and where accurate feeding is a must.

Celtic Lakes Resort in Wales, where I tested the Shotgun Feeder, is certainly no commercial but is stocked full of hungry carp (two of which are pictured below). Had it not been for the torrential rain, I could have stayed all day catching stunning carp after stunning carp.

** Highly recommended


Where to buy The Shotgun Feeder:
The Middy Shotgun Feeder is available from all good tackle suppliers or from Middy Tackle.

For more information or to order these excellent wagglers, visit

A big thank you to Middy Tackle for supplying UK Fisherman with these floats for review.

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