Monday, 30 August 2010 18:19

Shakespeare Pflugger Underspin 1810 Reel


Review by Crazy Crab: August 2010

Shakespeare Pflugger Underspin 1810 ReelThe popular Underspin reel isn't just for ultralight enthusiasts anymore. Loaded with 10-lb. test for bigger lures and bigger fish. It sports the same four ball-bearing drive as the original Underspin. And each has a stainless steel front cone and rear cover, titanium line guide and dual pickup pins, lightweight graphite frame, smooth adjustable disc drag system, on and off anti-reverse, left/right convertible retrieve, heavy-duty metal gears, insta-grab line pick up, machined aluminum handle with handsome rosewood knob.

Main Features:

  • 1800 Series Spincast
  • 4 ball bearings
  • Smooth Adjustable disc drag system
  • Titanium line guide and dual pickup pins
  • Stainless steel front cone and rear cover
  • Spool applied, adjustable disc-drag system
  • Left/right retrieve with machined aluminum handle and rosewood knob


- Just got this 1810u reel, for £12.68 from Lathams. Not a bad little reel, nice and tight, good line control, nice to look at, has anti-reverse and a anti clicker button and L/R for handle. Comes with 10Lb line. This is a perfect reel for a beginner, plus it should be good for troting as well. It reminds me of the ABU 503(ish)


- available to purchase from all good fishing tackle stockists.


- awaiting review

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