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CC Moore's Active Feast Method Mix review


CC Moore products are created under the ethos "Quality without compromise". Their products are well known and well respected amongst anglers worldwide and their tried and tested baits not only represent outstanding value for money, they also contain high quality ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers who guarantee their purity, freshness and traceability. Uk Fisherman decided to put one of their products to the test ... their Active Feast Method Mix.

Product Description:

Active Feast is one of the most naturally attractive method mixes on the market and is not only irresistible to carp. As the mix breaks apart it releases powerful soluble feeding triggers to all layers of the water stimulating carp into a indulgent feeding frenzy. With fish recognising natural food items on the bottom, in mid water and on the surface, they are pulled down onto the baited area where the remaining feed and hookbait is situated.


First off I have to say that we spend more time glued to our computers here at UK Fisherman than we do actually fishing ... sad but true! So when we do venture out from the gloom of the UK Fisherman office we like to be armed with baits that will definitely give us the edge. CC Moore's Active Feast Method Mix certainly gave us that.

Even before I tore open the bag in excitement you can see that this is a quality product, packed with quality ingredients including a large percentage of freeze dried insects and bugs (including water flies, snails, shrimps, daphnia, insect eggs and other 'naturals'). Once opened, the smell also tells you that this is a quality, fish attracting product. The mix even comes in a resealable bag which is a plus in itself.

As for the mixing to the required consistency, it was simple and effortless to create a mix to suit your exact needs whether your using an open-ended feeder, cage feeder, method feeder or stick. Their claim that "as the mix breaks apart it releases powerful soluble feeding triggers to all layers of the water" is certainly true. We tested it in a bucket and could see that whilst some particles remainned suspended in the water, others fell to the bottom, creating fish attractors at all levels.

To conclude, we found the the Active Feast Method Mix from CC Moore an excellent product, easy to use and at a reasonable price. The following reviewers seemed to agree:

Active Feast is simply one of those products that I no longer leave home without. Its naturally outstanding make - up just oozes confidence as soon as t he seal on the bag is opened. T he combined natural food items found within the mix enable you to present a lingering haze of attraction around your choice of hookbait.
Ollie Pearce

It really is something special and something that will be a major edge in my fishing and possibly yours too.
Spencer Wright


Prices and where to buy:

Active Feast Method Mix is available to buy online at

  • 1kg Bag - £4.99
  • 3kg bag - £12.99
  • 5kg bag - £17.49
  • 15kg bag - £48.99

Next month we'll be reviewing another of CC Moore's excellent bait products so don't forget to check back here soon.

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