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A decent pair of sunglasses can be a god send when fishing in bright conditions. Some anglers even claim that a decent set of sunglasses is equally important as your rod, line and tackle. Being able to see the fish you're after is often significantly more than half the battle when trying to catch them. We were delighted therefore to be sent a pair of Oakley Fuel Cell Woodland Camo Sunglasses to review, courtesy of Shade Station. Oakley Feul…
Being protected from the wind and the rain whilst remaining comfortable is really important when angling, as it is when taking part in any outdoor sport or activity. We were delighted therefore to be asked to review a jacket from Brookes ... the Regatta Mens Defender III 3 in 1 Breathable Waterproof & Windproof Jacket ... and see whether it filled that brief. Product Description Made from Hydrafort peached polyester fabric, the Regatta Mens Defender III 3 in 1…
Being warm, dry and comfortable is of upmost importance when angling, just like when taking part in any outdoor sport or activity. We were delighted therefore to be asked to review a jacket from Night Gear ... the Webtex Breatha-tex SoftShell Jacket. Product Description Breatha-tex material is a durable hi-tech fabric that is designed to be completely waterproof and windproof yet remain capable of breathing. The membrane of the fabric evaporates any sweat to the outside moderating your body temparature…
WeAdmire is a T-shirt publishing company based in Shoreditch London. They have the world's largest collection of original t shirt designs including some awesome fishing t-shirt designs. Their shirts deliver self expression through an expressed or implied statement about what the wearer admires. About WeAdmire: WeAdmire is the brainchild of Theo Stegers. Originally running his own recruitment company, when the market collapsed he spotted a gaping whole in the T-shirt market and decided to do something about it - and…
Hooked Clothing – T-shirt’s and (eventually) hoodies for people who, like them, are addicted to angling. Hooked angling don't care where they're fishing or what for, they just love to be out fishing. Fortunately for us, they can't be out fishing all the time and had to find something to do when they weren't on the bank. And so Hooked Clothing and their excellent range of angling clothing was born About Hooked Clothing: Hooked Clothing manufacture a range of unique…


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