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The chairman’s letter confirming I had been accepted into the B.C.S.G also reminded me of the need for us to supply material for “The Carp” he said it didn’t need to be of a technical nature, whew, glad about that. The letter did however suggest sending in a picture of a good fish and a letter describing its capture and the circumstances leading up to it, so here goes. The fish is a lovely Common of 27lb 12oz caught from…
Lac de Madine – France – 31 st August – 6 th September Sponsors: Ehmanns Fishing Tackle – Courtesy of Northern Carp Formula Carp Advanced Bait Solutions Matt’s Tackle – Eastbourne This would be my third year in the competition since 2005, I missed 2006 due to various problems, so Steve fished with his brother-in-law that year. As soon as the notifications came through our cheque was in the post by return, no way did we want to miss this…
by Ralph Dennett Lac de Orient – France – 9th to 15th September Sponsors – Carl (The Baitmaster) Edwards - Carple Baits & Lewington Homes Berkshire Ltd I don’t normally fish matches but this event is something else. The whole atmosphere is charged with excited anticipation as anglers from 14 different counties come together to face the challenges of this fantastic water, all 5000+ acres of it. Looking up towards the Dam It all started back in January when my…
How to become the ‘luckiest fisherman on earth!’: Source: Tim Richardson, author of Big Carp Bait Secrets Have you ever wondered why one ‘lucky guy’ seems to catch the biggest fish again and again, while the majority of other fishermen just seem to get the average catches? Why is that? Many of us would love to catch those big catfish, carp, bass, trout etc, every time we go fishing. It may just be that the guy is a genius angler,…
EASY FISHING BAIT INGREDIENTS - By Tim Richardson Using Brilliant ‘Natural’ Extracts! There are many ways to make very successful fishing baits without using flavours; why not try using very powerful ‘natural ingredients and extracts! Freshwater flies, bloodworm, insect larvae, water snails, and all kinds of sea and freshwater shellfish like mussels etc, can all be incorporated into your fishing baits, giving a natural taste and crunch factor, and are available from many pet and fishing bait companies. It is…
Preparing for the Junior Carp Championships 2006 [Part 1]: - By Crazycarper Seventeen minutes past eleven, Thursday 3rd of August, I'm worrying about the competition in less than two weeks time. After filtering the internet for every bit of information and tips about Linear fishery's Brasenose 1, it is looking more and more like RMC's Thorpe Lea. An action water, and a big one at that. The competition layout is 50 competetors in each qualifier, with random swims, total weight…
COMMERCIAL CARP FISHING - By Crazycarper Now most of you frequent readers of the forums and articles will probably consider me as more of a big carp hunter than a commercial fisherman. But yes, I do enjoy a good day out catching smaller carp. So, getting to the whole comercial fishing for carp thing. How do you go about it ? Well first of all you need to know the following basics:- 1... Size of carp at fishery 2... Best…
CARP FISHING WITH MARC - By Marc Seasonal Changes 2006 - Part 2 Thinking About Baits Welcome to part two in which I’m going to talk about baits & the successes I have had of late. In the late eighties I never bought used shop made baits. I allways rolled my own & I’m sure many of you will appreciate just how long this takes. Many hours I spent in the garden shed after getting banned from the kitchen mixing,…
CARP FISHING WITH MARC - By Marc Seasonal Changes 2006 - Part 1 With runs drying up, Mr Carp getting harder to find & the winter weather becoming even less inviting, it was time to start thinking, debating, putting a few changes into my coming seasons quest. I decided upon three areas of my fishing that needed a bit more concentration, modification etc. Terminal Tackle, Location and Bait. I chose these three points as like many other anglers we become…
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