Carp fishing holidays, Winsome Waters, France

Fish in invites you to come and fish for big Carp at our two great stream fed lakes at Winsome Waters in the beautiful French Lake District. You are especially welcome if it's your first time in France - this is a chance not to be missed. 'Driver Survivors' welcomed! Your gateway to a great Carp fishing holiday at Winsome Waters in France. All year round fishing with Carp to 60lbs (27.21 kilos) in 2 well stocked lakes.

Situated near the village of Chateauponsac North of Limoges you will find the most tranquil of settings for a great family fishing holiday at a great introductory price. As this is Winsome Water's first full year of opening, they want you to enjoy your experience in France and want to return to fish with them again next year.

  • This is a great opportunity to fish for Carp in a tranquil private location in France.

    Wimsome Waters: carp fishing in FranceTop Lake:

    Carp to 60lb

    The Top Lake is fishable around nearly all of it's banks and at 2 acres plus in size, this represents some great fishing. It is also 16 feet deep and stocked with plenty of good sized carp. The fish are in tip top condition and regularly fed to keep their weight up, but this doesn't stop them putting up a great fight. Hook into one of these beauties and you can bet you are up for a fight you won't forget in a hurry!

    Bottom Lake:

    Carp Tench Pike Roach Rudd Catfish

    Simply a beautiful lake to fish. It is also over 2 acres in size and stocked with large Carp, Tench to 6 lbs plus, Pike to 25 lbs plus, Roach, Rudd and Catfish - need we say more? There is ample camping ground around this lake on flat areas, with suitable barbecue areas for your use, but please be mindful of the danger of forest fires in the summer months.

    Fishing all year round:
    The lakes at Winsome Waters are fishable all year round, with great catches being made throughout every season of the year. In fact, it seems that as the air pressure drops the fish begin to feed more readily and this of course means the bigger fish as well as the not so big. But hey, a 20lb fish is still great fun to catch, especially when they are active!

    Your Stay at Winsome Waters:
    There is plenty of room for your party's bivvies on site and if you are disabled at least a quarter of Top Lake is easily and safely accessible to you. This includes access to the deepest and best fish holding area of the lake @16ft deep. Other areas of the site are also easy accessible for you too.

    This is the ideal 'Drive and Survive' (fly and survive) venue but the new club house does have shower facilities, hot and cold running water on demand and cooking facilities in the new kitchen area... all available to you and your family throughout your stay.

    There is only a minimum fee for overnight stays at Winsome Waters and they don't mind you 'camping sauvage' in your bivvy in designated areas. Also please be sure to clear up any mess and/or litter after yourselves. When contacting Wimsome Waters, please mention that you were referred by UK Fisherman.
  • There are a few rules which we would like you to abide by as you fish with us:

    We are sorry but we cannot let you bring your own landing nets or weighmats - as you are probably aware this is the single main cause of fish diseases spreading between fisheries... so please take a look at our pricing page to see how reasonable we are in the hiring of all the equipment you are likely to need during your fishing break with us.

    Careful handling of the fish:

    We insist that you treat our fish with respect - don't keep them out of the water for too long - get your cameras set up ready beforehand - and return them to the water gently - but we know you will anyway.

    The site:

    We would also ask you to treat the Winsome Waters site with due respect - don't leave litter lying around or cause damage to the surrounding woodlands etc - obvious stuff really, but just something worth reminding you about as we will look forward to being able to welcome you back!

    Rules & Regulations:

    • Max 3 rods per angler.
    • Large Unhooking mats must be used at all times.
    • Fish are to be returned to the water as soon as possible.
    • The use of sacks / keep nets is strictly forbidden.
    • No litter of any type - store it up and we will collect it from you
    • Noise should be kept to a minimum.
    • Absolutely No Swimming.
    • No open fires, though you may barbeque (There are strict local rules regarding this - forest fire hazzard etc...) please ask Dave for advice on this, once on site.
    • Respect the countryside around you, do not damage vegetation etc.
    • There are no restrictions on bait but any particles to be used must be purchased from us.
    • Bait boats are allowed. The boating of your rigs is forbidden; you must cast your baits out. Respect your fellow anglers.
    • We do not allow dogs, sorry.
    • Safety rigs to be used at all times. No lead core, microbarb or barbless hooks.
    • And lastly, please handle our fish carefully - no standing up when they are photographed with you - terra firma is a long way from homo erectus... a long way to fall!

    When contacting Wimsome Waters, please mention that you were referred by UK Fisherman.
  • Winsome Waters, FrancePrices for fishing:

    • Fishing by the day (8 hours) = £12.00 per angler
    • 24 hrs fishing including over-night camping = £20.00

    Exclusive site hire:

    Both lakes: prime fishing waters with carp to 60lbs and the knowledge that no-one is going to muscle in on your pegs... just £550 per week (includes night fishing) 5 anglers max - includes all facilities!

    That's just £110 per week each!

    Food: £75 per angler per week, to include a cooked breakfast each day, sandwich lunch and a cooked evening meal with dessert. Tea and coffee available all day long too. This option to be paid for on site.

    Rod and equipment hire to include bivvy, two rods, a landing net, weigh mats, scales, rod pods, bait buckets, chair.... everything really...= £75.00 per week or £12.00 per day

    Ground bait: 5.00 Euros per 1 kilo sack

    Boilies: 7.00 Euros per 1 kilo bag (various types but all highly recommended) available on site

    Winsome Waters, FranceConnections:

    If you fly into Limoges Airport we can arrange to pick you up and bring you to Winsome Waters for a fee of £15.00 - this would cost you 100 Euros in a local taxi. We can return you to the airport at the end of your stay for the same price. Pre-book with us - you know it makes sense!

    So, our package price to include 24/7 fishing, hire of equipment, airport pickup and drop off, boilies and ground bait starters, food for the week and use of all the facilities around the site is just: £314.00 per angler, actually we have an even better deal than this, but you will need to call to find out more... looking forward to hearing from you.

    During your stay, if you would like to visit a local supermarket to stock up... just a friendly chat with the fishery manager, Dave and he can sort something out for you. He lives in the local area and can advise you of all the best places to get what you want.

    When contacting Wimsome Waters, please mention that you were referred by UK Fisherman.
  • Winsome Waters is situated a few kilometres from the village of Chateauponsac, a short distance North of the historic city of Limoges in the Haute Vienne region of France.

    It is possible to fly with either Ryanair or Flybe from a number of UK Airports including Liverpool, London Airports and East Midlands airports directly to the city of Limoges, where we can arrange to pick you up, for a small fee (see pricing page). We will of course drop you back to the airport after your break with us. Please see our pricing page for full details.

    Both Ryanair and Flybe have some great cheap deals from various UK airports to Limoges - depending on when you book, you can get flights as cheap as £6.00 each way - check out:

    or for more details on the availability of flights.

    Alternatively you could drive to Winsome Waters from the port of Le Havre - a distance of some 334 miles. The roads from Le Havre are nearly all French motorways (Autoroutes), some parts of which incur toll charges - A20 from Versailles to Limoges (about £35.00 in all).

    When contacting Wimsome Waters, please mention that you were referred by UK Fisherman.
  • We hope you enjoy the Winsome Water's gallery. Click on each picture for a better view ...

  • Address: Winsome Waters, Chateauponsac, North of Limoges, France

    Telephone: 07980 870 671 (UK Mobile - Chris) or 0033 555 600 163 (Dave - France)




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