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Lurefest 2017 | boat pairs lure fishing competition | Sept/Oct 2017


Calling all Lure Anglers! LureFest 2017 launches today 30/08/2017 so click HERE to sign up for your chance to win up to £7000* in prize money.

Lurefest 2017The boat pairs contest will be held across England's premier reservoir fisheries with three qualifiers and a grand final at the prestigious Grafham Water on the 15th October. The contest will be based on cumulative length of three predators (where present) pike, zander and perch.

Qualifiers are as follows;

  • Rutland 24th September (50 boats)- 16 Qualifiers
  • Pitsford 1st October (25 boats)- 8 Qualifiers
  • Bewl 7th October (50 boats)- 16 Qualifiers

Entry to the contest is £50 per pair via the Online Booking System and there is a £60 fee for boats and fishing at the qualifiers on the day.

LureFest 2017 is a membership based competition, with anglers requiring an individual membership to compete. Anglers can sign up to the Angling Trust HERE for £29 as an Individual member or call 03435077006.

For further information about the contest join their Facebook group HERE, which has a short video or call on 01158224519. We hope to see you on a qualifier soon!

*prize money is based on number of pairs entering qualifiers.

Source: Angling Trust Fishing News

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