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National Junior Canal Championship | Erewash Canal at Long Eaton | 21 Oct 2017


A prestigious national competition aimed at attracting a new generation of anglers onto the nation’s historic canals is coming to the East Midlands for the first time this year.

Angling Trust fishing news

The National Junior Canal Championship, organised by the Canal & River Trust and the Angling Trust, aims to show young anglers how good the nation’s canals can be whilst giving them the chance to show off their skills.

The competition is free to enter and open to anyone aged between 10 and 16 inclusive with the winner taking home the top trophy and being crowned national champion. 

The match is taking place on 21 October on the Erewash Canal at Long Eaton.

The youngsters will be able to gain inspiration from some of the best anglers in the country as the National Canal Pairs Championship is also taking place on the canal on the same day.

John Ellis, national fisheries & angling manager for the Canal & River Trust said; “As a charity we really want to see more people, especially youngsters, having a go at angling on their local canal and so we’re delighted to welcome the Junior Canal Championships to the East Midlands this year.

“The Erewash Canal is great for anglers, particularly youngsters, as it’s easily accessible, low cost and full of fish so where better for them to hone their skills. There’s nothing quite like fishing on your local canal or river for helping you slow down and get in touch with nature.

“With some of the country’s best senior anglers also competing on that day, it promises to be a fantastic event.”

David Kent, National Chair of Competitions at the Angling Trust, said; “We all have a responsibility to try and secure the future of angling and, clearly, one of the priorities is to do everything possible to encourage youngsters to take up the sport. Most youngsters have a competitive edge so good, well-run competitions with plenty of prizes such as this event are therefore vital.”

To enter the competition contact Sandra Johnson, Competitions Manager for the Angling Trust on 0115 8224519 or Entries must be received by Friday 6 October 2017.

Source: Canal & River Trust

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