Saturday, 10 October 2009 11:14

Linear Fisheries: fishery report October 2009



01 Oct

Russell Bygrave had mirrors of 10lb 05oz, 13lb 02oz, 14lb, 12lb 14oz and 22lb 07oz using Nash boilies tipped with plastic corn at 40 yards range.

Ed Kennington from Gosport had a 24lb 02oz mirror using Mainline Fusion barrels.

Joy Norrington from Billericay set a new Personal best when she landed a 19lb 08oz mirror.


30 Sep

*****PIKE MATCH*****

Just a reminder that we are getting close to the first Linear Pike Match of the year which will be held on Manor Farm Lake on Sunday 4th October – The lake will be closed all day.

Below is a list of when the other pike matches will be held this year - Please contact Basil Hopkins for further details on 01993 704880 or 07773210590.

Pike Match Sunday 13th December 2009 - LAKE CLOSED
Pike Match Sunday 7th February 2010 - LAKE CLOSED

Pike Match Sunday 22nd November 2009 - LAKE CLOSED
Pike Match Sunday 17th January 2010 - LAKE CLOSED

Linear Junior Pike Match 14th November 2009 - LAKE CLOSED
Pike Match Sunday 28th February 2010 - LAKE CLOSED

30 Sep

****Important Info****

This is just a reminder that from Thursday the 1st of October we will revert to our Winter Locking Times.

As of this date and until spring next year all fishery gates will be locked at 6PM and will be opened by 8AM.

01 Oct

****Important Info****

This is just a reminder that from Thursday the 1st of October we will revert to our Winter Locking Times.

As of this date and until spring next year all fishery gates will be locked at 6PM and will be opened by 8AM.


30 Sep

There are currently vacancies on the three Guy Lakes which all can be fished on the same permit. Membership is yearly and runs from the date of joining.
Anyone interested can apply for an application form through this web site or request one by ringing 01908 647320 or mobile 07885 327708.

01 Oct

Fishing Yeoman's Lake George Cooke had mirrors of 16lb and 26lb 12oz.

Witney angler Carl Stratford fished an overnighter and landed a 26lb 10oz common using SBS Lobworm boilies.

Over on Gaunts Lake Justin Taylor a 29lb 08oz mirror using Dynamite spicy tune and sweet chilli boilies along with the mirror known as "Black Spot" at 31lb 03oz on Dynamite frenzied maize.

Guys regular Ricky Holohan had a 20lb 02oz mirror along with a cracking 34lb 09oz mirror.

And a couple of weeks ago Garry Wilkinson landed a 31lb 04oz common.

Finally on Unity Lake the mirror record was broken over the weekend when Guys Bailiff Jason Rudge landed "Moonscale" at 38lb 01oz.


30 Sep

*****Winter Ticket*****

This year the "Hardwick Winter Ticket" will once again be available priced at £170. The ticket which will be limited to 30 anglers will run from Nov 1st until the end of Feb 2010 and will allow fishing on Hardwick Lake and Smiths Pool only.

Anyone interested in joining needs to send their name & address along with a passport sized photo and cheque for £170 to (Linear Fisheries Oxford, Accounts Dept, Enslow, Kidlington, Oxon, OX5 3AY). A laminated ticket will then be posted back to you which you will need before you can start fishing. Alternatively tickets can be purchased on the bank (Mon - Fri only). They will not be available from our weekend staff.

Please Note: Hardwick Lake and Smiths Pool will be closed to all anglers (including winter ticket holders) on Sunday 22nd Nov and Sun 17th Jan for two of the Linear Open Pike Matches.

**Look at the "2009 Hardwick Gallery Page" to see a selection of the fish caught this year**

01 Oct

Stephen Gee from Preston had a PB 33lb 09oz linear mirror using boilies fished at 30 yards range.


01 Oct

Scott Phillips from Aylesbury had a 22lb mirror during a 24 hour session using Cell boilies and maize.

And linear regular Josh Bennett had seven fish up to 24lb during a 48 hour session using Tails Up new Pro fish boilies and pellets.


01 Oct

Terry Collins had a number of fish using Tails Up pro fish boilies fished over a bed of hemp, his catch included mirrors of 25lb, 30lb 04oz and 33lb.

John Bishop had a 30lb 01oz mirror using 12mm Mainline Active-8 boilies at 70 yards range over a bed of mixed particles.

Neil Buckle from Swindon had a 23lb 04oz mirror using homemade boilies fished at 85 yards range over about 2 kilos of freebies.


01 Oct

Linear Bailiff Jon Mudd had three doubles and a 28lb 08oz mirror.

Jonny Walker had a low twenty mirror whilst fishing with Dave Hodgson who had four fish up to a mirror of 23lb 10oz.

Also fishing together were Kevin Wyatt and Paul Pointer from Norfolk, Kevin landed a 20lb 03oz mirror and Paul landed mirrors of 16lb, 19lb and 23lb 04oz.

Lee Hughes from Hollywood in Birmingham visited the lake to celebrate his 40th birthday landing a 21lb 08oz mirror using plastic corn over a spodded area.


01 Oct

David Stephens from Manchester set a new PB when he landed "The Starburst" at 40lb 04oz using Richworth KG-1 boilies fished in the margins.

Dean Boutwood from Dunstable had commons of 15lb and 33lb 08oz along with mirrors weighing 23lb 08oz, 29lb, 14lb and another at 23lb 08oz.

Craig Burton fished a week long session landing 18 fish, this included mirrors of 24lb 04oz, 23lb 01oz, 25lb 08oz, 26lb and 26lb 08oz along with a number of commons up to 21lb 01oz. Craig had all the fish on boilies fished over spod mix in the margins.

Matthew Brown had a 32lb heavily plated mirror using Mainoine Pulse boilies.

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