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FACT Launches two posters to save Nation's fisheries


FACT Launches two posters to save Nation’s fisheries

Fish theft and spread of disease have been the big issues for Britain ’s anglers over the last two years. The Fish Welfare Group, a working committee of Fisheries and Angling Conservation Trust (FACT), recently launched two posters carrying key messages for the health of our fisheries;

“Don’t steal, cook or kill fish” and “Don’t kill a fishery”.

Anti-Theft Poster

The “Don’t steal, cook or kill fish” message is illustrated in a series of pictograms which have been tested on non-anglers and anglers alike and avoid the need for complex signs in many languages. Pictograms are readily understood regardless of mother tongue. Originally developed by CEMEX Angling, the Company has kindly allowed FACT to develop the theme, find sponsorship for its production and to use the design to benefit all our fisheries.

The Don’t steal poster addresses the problem of the removal of coarse fish from rivers, canals and lakes, which has been headline news for some time.

“If you want to catch a fish to eat – then try stillwater trout fishing” – says David Moore, Chairman of the Association of Stillwater Game Fishery Managers (ASGFM).

Don’t kill a Fishery Poster

The “Don’t kill a fishery” poster is aimed at stopping the disposal of unwanted pet fish and non-native aquatic plants in natural waters. It highlights the environmental dangers of illegal introductions of pet and non-native fish and plants and warns garden pond and aquarium keepers of the penalties which can apply. Pet and non-native fish can spread diseases, which have the potential to wipe out fisheries. Non-native plants can be highly invasive and do not provide a suitable habitat for insects, which are the base of the food chain for fish.

Sean O’Driscoll, Chairman of the Angling Trades Association, sponsors of the first 5000 print run, commented, “The angling trade has prospered enormously over recent years because of the advent of fisheries and it is imperative that they are offered some form of protection. I hope that these posters will educate those that are threatening our fish, fisheries and future.”

Jim Glasspool, Chairman of FACT added, “We hope that these simple, new, signs will be used by clubs and fisheries as part of the ongoing education of recent arrivals to this country about our angling tradition of returning coarse fish and to highlight to club and fishery members the dangers to rivers and lakes of disposing of fish and plants in them, that they no
longer want.”

The posters will be distributed to the tackle trade for display in shops around the country and be made available for download from the internet on various angling websites.

Visit to download the files for home printing and lamination.

Contact: Michael Heylin 01442 398022 / 07836 718187




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