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Heater meals are ideal for outdoor lovers such as FishermenDescription:
HeaterMeals self heater meals go anywhere, require no refrigeration & heat themselves, in the box. Patented heating technology and traditional home-style cooking ensure a nutritious and delicious meal, right where you're standing, be it in a field, on a boat or on top of mountain! Each Hunger Breaks HeaterMeal comes in an easy 'ready to eat from bowl'.

Carefully prepared, your meal is fresh and ready to just heat and eat without refrigeration. The high quality of our well chosen and nutritious ingredients is retained. All the recipes have been carefully chosen to be nutritionally balanced and are mostly suitable for people of all ages in survival situations.

With such proven success for emergency services and the military, it is easy to see why HeaterMeals are also very popular with people who like the outdoor life. They are ideal for leisure and pleasure trips and working outdoors, where you want to avoid carrying equipment or if you just want a highly convenient way to make a meal. They are also essential for more adventurous treks into the unknown, especially where the weather is unpredictable and the location remote.

Not being very up on scientific issues I was intrigued when I first heard about Heatermeals. Self heating meals, no need for a cooker, microwave etc. How could this be? Well prepare to be amazed because they really do work.

heater Meals really are quite goodThe meal comes in a plastic bowl which you place in the plastic bag provided with a heater pad within it. Add some water, seal the bag and wait for 10 minutes. Everything you need to enjoy a heater meal is contained within the pack, even the water.

So are they any good? Well, I am a sceptical so and so when it comes to things like this and I must say I was impressed. You can really enjoy a hot meal whenever you like after only 10 minutes. God knows how it actually works (to be honest I don't really care) but believe me it does. The food as you would expect is not gourmet standard but is perfectly acceptable. I tried four flavours of Heater Meals (not all at once obviously) - chicken pasta, burger bites and beans, chicken stew and chicken curry. The stew and curry definitely came out top in my opinion for taste.

I have to admit that on the down side, the temperature the meals heat to does seem to vary slightly. The meals will never get as hot as if they had just come out of an oven and once the meal I tried was bordering on the cold side. Maybe in my haste to feed my face I opened it too soon before it had heated throroughly. I guess more testing will be required.

All in all I would highly recommend HeaterMeals to anyone who wants a convenient, tasty hot meal in any situation where there is no access to cooking facilities.


Where to buy:
heater meals cost £2.99 per meal and come in a range of flavours. For more information or to purchase HeaterMeals, please visit their website at:

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