May 2011 :: Here is the latest fishing report for Nineoaks Fishery near Aberaeron, Ceredigion in West-Wales.

Nineoaks Fishery ReportCoarse fishing:

Plenty of good Carp regularly being caught on various baits including raw sausage, luncheon meat, and floating baits such as bread, dog biscuit and chunks of thick toast! Quiet during the mornings and as the afternoon progresses the fishing just gets better and better each day.

The House Pool continues to produce some excellent Bream and Roach catches which regularly include large Roach and Bream around the 2-3lb mark. Best Carp has been as 12 Ghost Mirror.

The Main Lake has also produced some excellent Roach around the 1- 1.5lb size and as ever produces some excellent Carp catches. A retired Teacher, Chris, from South Wales (pictured) had a 16lb Common. Local angler, David from Llewyncelyn, had an 11lb Linear Carp. Visiting angler, Malcolm Walker of Aintree Liverpool had a pb of 7lb 1oz. Other good baits are sweetcorn, Maggot, cooked mussel, prawns and cockles (not in preservative). For some really excellent Roach fishing Nineoaks takes some beating.

Trout Fishing:

Meanwhile, the Trout fishing continues to be good with plenty of fish around the 2lb mark in all 3 lakes. Wet flies are still predominantly the fly to use with most fish around 3ft down. The Apps bloodworm and Pennel Flies have been deadly capturing a lot of fish, with the orange or white fritz's and Cat's Whisker close seconds.

Please Note:

Check our pictures to see how we encourage our anglers to hold the fish for a better picture by using the first and second fingers of one hand to hold the pectoral fin firmly and supporting the Carp with the other hand.

Nineoaks Fishery catch report

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