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Do you run run a fishing related website? Why not earn some extra money by becoming an affiliate to various fishing stores and earn commision on any sales made by customers visiting for your website.

How do Affiliate Programmes Work:
Simple !! You complete a brief sign-up form on the website of the fishing affiliate programme you wish to join. The vendor then issues you with a unique link to their website or product page within their website. You display this link in either text form or banner / image form on your website.

When visitors to your site click on these links and make a purchase, you earn commision on these sales. What could be easier !!

The more you promote the products offered by the vendor, the more commision you earn !! Great ways to promote the vendors products include newsletters and articles or reviews about the vendors products. If you simply post a banner or text ad to the fishing affililate programme, you will earn commision, but if you actively promote the products, your commision will increase considerably.

Recommended Fishing Affiliate Programmes:

SPEX4LESS Fishing Glasses:

Earn 10% commision at Spex4lessPolarized prescription fishing glasses.
Spex4less is one of Europe's largest online retailers of prescription eyewear and just by posting a banner or making a few simple recommendations you can earn 10% on every sale generated from your link, banner or newsletter.

High quality polarized prescription fishing glassesMade to your exact prescription polarized sunglasses are ideal for fishing and various other sports. Light reflected from surfaces like a flat road or smooth water is generally horizontally polarized. This horizontally polarized light is blocked by the vertically oriented polarizers in the lenses filtering out glare and allowing you to see below the water line. All of their fishing glasses are supplied with a 100% money back guarantee.

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CHITIKA MINIMALS - Turning page views into profit.

Chitika eMiniMalls brings a new way of shopping to your website while you get paid. As traditional static banner ads get more and more predictable, Chitika Minimals brings a fresh look to website advertising.

Chitika is a relatively new company that offers an affiliate program for their eMiniMalls product. If you haven't seen it, eMiniMalls uses some slick Javascript code to very easily embed product related reviews, shopping links and more into your web site. Chitika currently is paying 60% of overall revenue your site generates, on a pay-per-click basis. Webmasters have reported very HIGH CPM returns with the Chitika product in many case.

Not only that but its a doddle to set up. and Chitika's eMiniMall can be easily modified to fit the look and feel of your site. A wide variety of sizes and shapes are available, and colors can be modified to match your site. Generally, the eMiniMall will include a photo of the product, it's description, links to Best Deals, and a search capability, all in easy to use rollover tabs. It should be noted that searches performed in the eMiniMall do not leave your site. Very slick.

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