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Bury Hill Fisheries | Fishery report 1st July 2011


Despite a mixed week which saw the odd thunderstorm, the fishing on all the lakes has again been good with anglers reporting some excellent bags helped by increased oxygen levels and more latterly an increase in water temperatures.

Bury Hill Fisheries fishery reportWATER TEMPERATURES

With all the lakes now topped up following the recent rain which also saw oxygen levels rise, the return of warmer weather has seen water temperatures increase and as such sport increase.
With water temperatures up a couple of degrees to 17 degree’s, oxygen levels are now 80%.

The forecast for next week is warming up with temperatures set to rise into the mid/late 20’s.


Despite a mixed week which saw the odd thunderstorm, the fishing on all the lakes has again been good with anglers reporting some excellent bags helped by increased oxygen levels and more latterly an increase in water temperatures.

Whilst the carp fishing has been quieter, particularly on Temple for a week or two, those who have made the effort to fish have been rewarded with a fish or two topped by a stunning 38lb 14oz mirror know as “Robin Hood” which like so many others is now at a record weight. Carp anglers on the Old Lake also managed a few fish in the week, particularly towards the end of the week as water temperatures started to rise, but the influx of cold rain did slow sport for a few days during the early part of the week.

Anglers general fishing the Old Lake continued to see good numbers of bream caught with bags to 80lb reported, which included a few decent tench.

Bonds and Milton lakes also continued to fish well with anglers again reporting bumper catches of tench and crucian from Milton with plenty of silver fish also showing in bags to 80lb plus. Whilst aAnglers targeting the carp on Bonds Lake also reported catching plenty of carp in the 4lb to 10lb range in bags of up to 100lb.


Anglers targeting the bream and tench on the Old Lake continued to report good bags of fish, particularly towards the end of the week as water temperatures and oxygen levels increase. With all areas continuing to produce a few fish, the early pegs along the front bank, middle pegs along the side bank and end pegs behind the island all continue to produce some good sport. General tactics remain much the same as in previous weeks, with all methods catching including waggler, pole and feeder, with soft pellet over micro pellet seems to be taking the best of the catches.
Anglers targeting the tench, the jungle continues to produce some excellent sport with anglers reporting catches of up to a dozen fish to 7lb plus. Float fished corn and pellet are the best tactics and baits.

This weeks catches…

Bury Hill regular Steve Taylor had another bumper days sport when he targeted the bream from peg 11. Fishing a small open feeder packed with Green Swim Stim 30mts out fishing 6mm soft pellets on a lasso hook set up, Steve managed 26 bream to 5lb and 3 bonus tench, all around the 5lb to 6lb mark.

Mick Hull from Kingston managed 14 bream to 4lb during his recent visit. Fishing peg 26, Mick fished a 12mm pole catching on 6mm soft pellets feeding 3mm soft pellets.

Another angler to do well was Paul Kelly who managed 7 tench to 7lb, a few bream and two bonus carp weighing 15lb and 12lb. Fishing from a boat along the left hand side of the jungle, Paul caught on large soft pellets and corn over a small bed of 3mm feed pellet.

Also fishing the jungle was Kirk Nodding from Wandsworth who managed 12 tench to 7lb. Fishing a single grain of corn over 4mm Halibut pellet, Kirk also lost a 20lb plus carp.


Following a good week on the Old Lake, this week saw a slow down in sport following the storms and rain which chilled water temperatures down. However the change in weather as we headed into the weekend saw a marked improvement in sport both on the Old Lake and Temple Lake, which resulted in a number of bumper catches being reported which included a cracking 39lb mirror.

With Temple starting to come back on form, the margins remain the best areas to target with the islands being a particularly good area to target! With a variety of baits working, Mainline Cell boilies continues to be one of the most productive baits at the present time, although the new Grange is also starting to catch a few fish, as are all good quality boilies. Pop ups also remain a popular choice on Temple with various flavors working which includes CC Moores Sweet Cream which has proved very successful in recent weeks.

Whilst the early part of the week found sport a little slower on the Old Lake, sport certainly picked up as we headed into the weekend with anglers reporting quite a few fish which included a couple of twenties. With both the open water and margins producing, Cell and Icelandic Red continue to be the favorite baits although the new Grange boilies are definitely worth a go.


This weeks catches…

Gez Schifano was the man to watch this week following his capture of a huge mirror known as “Robin Hood” from Temple, which weighed a whopping 38lb 14oz. Fishing swim 14, Gez fished a single 15mm Grange boilie to the island margin in front of swim 13 which he combined with a pva mesh bag filled with crushed baits. After putting out a few freebies, Gez left the area un-fished until he saw fish moving over his bait.

Another angler on Temple to score this week was Tim Knight who had the lake all to himself for a night. Fishing a 18mm Cell boilie to the island margins in front of swim 9, Tim caught a cracking 29lb common and 26lb 11oz mirror.

Turning to the Old Lake, Freddie Scoles had a busy night catching 11 fish to 23lb. Fishing peg 3, Freddie fished 18mm Icelandic Red baits over a bed of freebies half way to the far bank catching steadily throughout his session.

Jim Mills managed a few fish during his midweek session. Fishing peg 75, Jim fished cell boilies to the point of the island catching two mirrors around the 20lb mark as well as 6 mid doubles.
Paul Sokell was another angler to do well on the Old Lake catching 5 carp to 17lb. Fishing KG1 single 18mm baits over freebies, Paul caught from tight to the island.


With increasing water temperatures and good oxygen levels, sport on Bonds continued this week with anglers reporting nets to 100lb.

With pole, waggler and feeder tactics all working well, feeder to the island certainly seems to be the most productive method with pellet, expander, soft and hard either lassoed and hair rigged the best baits, although corn, double red maggot and small boilies are also catching.

This weeks catches…

Andrew George had a good days sport catching 18 carp to 9lb. Fishing peg 3, Andrew caught on a short pole and soft pellet, which he fished just on bottom.


Milton continues to fish well with anglers bagging some very respectable weights of tench and crucian as well as plenty of silver fish and good numbers of bream in the 2lb to 3lb range. With float and pole being the best methods, larger baits such as corn and soft pellet and expander pellet are increasingly taking the bigger catches with the open water and the margins both being key areas to target. Anglers fishing tight to the reeds are also catching a few decent roach, rudd and perch.

This weeks catches…

Todd Mathews had a brilliant days sport on Milton in the week catching a real mixed bag of tench, crucian, roach, rudd and bream for well over 80lb. Fishing peg 26, Todd fished a loaded waggler to the margins catching on soft pellet.

Another angler to do well on Milton this week was John Kelly, John fished peg 12 catching 11 tench and 19 crucian to 2lb. John fished a short pole to the margins catching on corn and pellet.

Improve Your Catches…

Bury Hill’s tackle shop manager Russ Evans knows the lakes at Bury Hill better than most and over the years has written many articles as well as producing his own series of DVD’s to help you improve your catches which are sold in the tackle shop. Below is a link to hundreds of articles written by Russ and others, which will help you increase your catches.

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