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Luton Angling Club catch and fishery report | August 8th 2011


Luton AC offers fantastic fishing for most species with Carp to 37lb+, Tench 8lb+, Bream 10lb+, Chub 7lb+, Zander 16lb+, Pike near 30lb, Perch 3lb+ and Roach and Rudd over 2lb. All of the clubs stillwaters including 12 miles of the Grand Union Canal are open all year round and alot offer secure parking close to the venue. Unlike some clubs Luton AC do not charge a premium for night fishing or fishing between March and June.

Luton Angling Club Catch ReportsLuton Angling Club Weekly Report 8th August 2011

The club requires reliable afternoon and/or evening bailiffs to patrol various stretches on the Grand Union Canal. Any person (members or non members) who carries out these checks will be entitled to half of the day ticket money collected to cover expenses, contact the club office on 01582-603466 for more information.

Roger Reeves visited Beckerings Reservoir for the first time catching a good bag of roach to 1lb on method fished mini tutti frutti boilies along with bream of 8lb 4oz and 7lb plus a 9lb pike. As you can see from the pictures supplied by Roger the water levels remain well below the platforms.

Matt Lloyd has been enjoying his short evening sessions on Woodlands & The Mere with a succession of carp and tench. Alec Sharp has also been getting amongst the carp, tench and bream with tench around the 5lb mark falling to meat baits. Tony Sessions fished the same venue and had some good bream on the pole.

Three generations of the Smith family fished the complex on Tuesday. Venue Bailiff Damon Smith fished with his son Peter (11) at Woodlands Lake and were rewarded with some fine tench, plus a number of commons all fish falling to pellet and corn. Grandfather Peter Smith Snr. fished the Mere and lost count of the number of roach and rudd he caught on pellet and meat.
Other anglers on the Mere have had similar bumper catches, one angler recorded over 170 fish in a 4 hour session! These aren't just small roach and rudd either with some of last years stock approaching 1lb 4oz a big weight can be expected in the right conditions.

Venue regular Reg Blyth from Flitwick has been giving his master class sessions at the Mere resulting in some fine rudd and crucians coming to meat fished close to marginal plants.
Would anglers please remember to take any litter home with them, and also remember that tin cans (sweetcorn, luncheon meat etc) are banned from all club waters - please open them at home and bring to the venue in a baitbox.

Peter Studwick fished a Luton AC canal stretch again this week. He was targeting the carp, but kept catching some decent bream to legered baits instead. A day angler had a little more success just 30 yards down the towpath, landing a 5lb common to legered boilie. His fishing companion also lost a carp and was catching quality roach and skimmers to 6m pole fished maggot.
Another large carp was lost during a match last Sunday after first breaking the anglers pole and then leading him a merry dance for 40 mins. before breaking the line!
The skimmers and roach were feeding very well all week, with plenty of 15lb+ bags reported with both pole and waggler fished maggots or corn scoring well.

Brett Herdman & Joanne Edwards did a 3.5 hour morning session on the canal catching four carp to low doubles and losing two others. Small boilies with light leads proved a successful combination for the duo.

Rupert Ash had a nice 2lb+ perch in his keepnet when I saw him along with roach and skimmers and another angler was catching roach on hemp plus skimmers on pellet although two carp had made light work of his pole rig.

On the South Lagoon Paul Williams had a hectic 24 hours with commons of 28lb 6oz, 21lb 3oz and 14lb 2oz plus a 25lb 3oz mirror, tench of 7lb 12oz and 5lb 3oz and also 23 bream to 7lb 12oz. The South Lagoon can be fished on a 24 hour ticket which costs £16 so its worth taking a non member along there at the moment.

On the adjacent North House Lake Chris Fannin tempted a 20lb 6oz common, Connor Fannin had Popeye at 25lb 6oz, Craig Stevenson banked Pecs at 30lb 7oz, Lawrence Taylor commons of 25lb 4oz and 19lb plus a mirror of 22lb, Matt Butler commons of 19lb 9oz and 18lb 1oz, Steve McInnes a 24lb 3oz mirror and Roger Perkiss a 13lb 3oz common.

Dave Murdoch snr visited one of the Barnet water share stretches of the Ouse and was rewarded with tench, bream and a nice rudd.

Set Lines have been found at one of the clubs fisheries. These lines are used with the sole intention of stealing fish and usually involve the use of a length of strong line attached to a stake hammered into the ground but can also be attached to such things as bottles. Please keep an eye out and if possible check the swims near you with a landing net handle or similar and report any lines found immediately to the club office.

Match Results

Luton AC fished an Inter Club match against Tring Anglers on Sunday 7th August on Section 1 of the Grand Union Canal at Stoke Hammond.

1st Pat Mills (Luton AC) 24lb 12oz skimmers to pellet
2nd David Moss (Luton AC) 7lb 2oz
3rd Dean Moore (Tring Anglers) 6lb 2oz
Beacon AC fished the South Lagoon on Sunday 7th August
1st Steve Gibbs 12lb 6oz
2nd Austin Maddock 9lb 10oz
3rd Les Smith 7lb 8oz

All the weights were made up of mostly skimmers.

A correction to last weeks report, I'm informed that the bulrushes and flowers were in fact Great Reedmace and Great Willowherb while the snake was an Adder and not a Grass Snake. Thanks to David Edwards and Alec Sharp for the correct information.

Mark Merola was the winner of the July photo competition with his picture of a swan taken underwater. Congratulations to Mark!

The winner of our August photo competition which closes on 31st August 2011 will receive 10kg of Starmer Baits Coconut Fish boilies. It is open to anyone (members and non members) submitting a digital photo taken on any Luton AC controlled water and it can be of absolutely anything eg a sunset on the canal, a nice fish, wildlife etc. The photos submitted cannot be over a month old, the judges decision is final and no correspondance will be entered into regarding the result. So get snapping and forward your pictures to our usual email address or send from your mobile to 07704462635.

Source: Luton Angling Club

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