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Linear Fisheries catch & fishey report - October 15th 2009

Linear Fisheries fishery report
15 Oct Ben Buchanan had two smaller fish and a 16lb mirror during an over night session using pop-ups.
15 Oct Nine year old Jordan Davis landed an 18lb 10oz mirror whilst fishing with Jake and Greg Taylor who also got amongst the fish with Jake landing 12 fish to upper doubles using hemp and Baitworks chopped boilies and Greg five up to 14lb.

Pete Booth from Derbyshire had a number of fish during a 48 hour session with the biggest two weighing 14lb 09oz and 17lb 08oz.
15 Oct **NEWS UPDATE**

Our apologies for the lack of news and photos over the last couple of weeks but we've been having a few system problems - The PC has now been replaced and "touch wood" everything is now back as it should be!! Due to this the following news is made up of catch reports from the last two weeks.
15 Oct ****Important Info****

This is just a reminder that from Thursday the 1st of October we will revert to our Winter Locking Times.

As of this date and until spring next year all fishery gates will be locked at 6PM and will be opened by 8AM.
15 Oct *****PIKE MATCH*****

The Next Linear Pike Match will be held on Sun 22nd November – The lake will be closed all day.

Below is a list of the remaining pike matches to be held this year - Please contact Basil Hopkins for further details on 01993 704880 or 07773210590.

Pike Match Sunday 13th December 2009 - LAKE CLOSED
Pike Match Sunday 7th February 2010 - LAKE CLOSED

Pike Match Sunday 22nd November 2009 - LAKE CLOSED
Pike Match Sunday 17th January 2010 - LAKE CLOSED

Linear Junior Pike Match 14th November 2009 - LAKE CLOSED
Pike Match (FINAL) Sunday 28th February 2010 - LAKE CLOSED
15 Oct ****Junior Pike Match****

We still have a few places remaining for the annual junior pike match to held on Manor Farm Lake on Sat 14th November. All juniors must be 16 or under and accompanied by an adult.

Top specimen anglers Martin Bowler, Tim Norman and Terry Lampard will be there all day to give help, advice and award the trophies.

For further details or to book please contact Basil Hopkins on 01993 704880 or 07773210590.
15 Oct ****Stocking Info and Dates****

Over the next two weeks we will complete this years stocking on the syndicate. We have 70 fish ready to move from one of our own stock lakes ranging from 6lb to 15lb and 80 C4's (average size 9lb each) being delivered by from VS Fisheries.

On top of these fish we have already stocked 148 carp into the syndicate over the last three months ranging from 5lb to 31lb from our own stock lakes.

If any current member would like to see the remaining fish being stocked into Unity and Yeoman's Lakes then please feel free to come along. If you can’t make it then don’t worry as we will be placing photos of all these fish up on the Linear Web Site at some point in December.

**Our own stock fish will go into Unity Lake from 11am Tuesday 20th October**

**Fish from VS Fisheries should arrive between 10 & 11am Saturday 24th October**
15 Oct Whilst fishing Yeoman's Lake Darrell Smith landed a 20lb mirror along with a 34lb 02oz common during a four day session.

On Unity Lake Simon Hughes had a 32lb 08oz mirror and then about ten days later landed the lakes big common at 41lb 11oz, Simon's new PB.

Guy Lakes Bailiff Jason Rudge has had a number of fish during his last few sessions and have included mirrors of 27lb, 27lb 09oz, 24lb, 27lb 04oz, 27lb 12oz and the lakes biggest mirror "Moonscale" at 38lb 01oz. Jason has also landed a 27lb 07oz ghostie and a 31lb 11oz common during this time.
15 Oct Ryan McGill landed mirrors of 15lb 08oz and 30lb exactly using Richworth KG-1 and pineapple boilies.

And Richard Mellor from Crewe had the "Big Tail Common" his new PB common using two pieces of fake corn fished on their own.
15 Oct *****Winter Ticket*****

This year the "Hardwick Winter Ticket" will once again be available priced at £170. The ticket which will be limited to 30 anglers will run from Nov 1st until the end of Feb 2010 and will allow fishing on Hardwick Lake and Smiths Pool only.

Anyone interested in joining needs to send their name & address along with a passport sized photo and cheque for £170 to (Linear Fisheries Oxford, Accounts Dept, Enslow, Kidlington, Oxon, OX5 3AY). A laminated ticket will then be posted back to you which you will need before you can start fishing. Alternatively tickets can be purchased on the bank (Mon - Fri only). They will not be available from our weekend staff.

Please Note: Hardwick Lake and Smiths Pool will be closed to all anglers (including winter ticket holders) on Sunday 22nd Nov and Sun 17th Jan for two of the Linear Open Pike Matches.

**Look at the "2009 Hardwick Gallery Page" to see a selection of the fish caught this year**
15 Oct During a four night session Kristian (Paddy) Oflaherty landed mirrors of 10lb, 13lb, 28lb and 31lb 05oz using A1 baits squid and necter boilies.

Alan Layton from Great Missenden in Bucks used Nashbait scopex squid red boilies to tempt mirrors of 22lb and the lakes largest resident at 39lb 04oz.

Roland Pacey broke his PB twice when he landed mirrors of 16lb 03oz and 24lb 06oz.
15 Oct Andy Croxford had a 17lb common along with a 27lb mirror using boilies at about 80 yards range.

Stuart Bowles had four doubles along with mirrors of 21lb, 26lb and a new PB weighing 38lb - All Stuart's fish fell to Mainline Cell boilies over pellet.

James Ward from Thame had a 23lb 02oz mirror using scopex squid liver plus boilies.

John Player had a 12lb 04oz pike from the swims near the fishery office.
15 Oct Linear Bailiff Ivor Peachey had mirrors of 24lb 12oz and 21lb using particles and pellets.

Clive Turner from Didcot Angling had three doubles using various hookbaits.

Ian Fletcher had a new 26lb PB mirror using Richworth KG-1 hookbaits and stringers.

Mik Cork from Oxford landed a 29lb mirror during a 48 hour session using M2 boilies at 70 yards range.

Karl Brown from Manchester had mirrors of 24lb 02oz and 27lb 05oz. fishing with Karl was Matt Brown who had mirrors of 18lb and 33lb 02oz on Mainline Pulse boilies.

Also from down from Manchester was Matthew Jenkner who had mirrors of 20lb, 19lb 02oz and a new PB at 31lb using pulse boilies.
15 Oct Jake Wilkerson had a 22lb 04oz common using mixed particles and Sticky Baits bloodworm dumbells.

Dean "Pob" Fellows had a 31lb 08oz common using Mainline NRG boilies.

And a couple of weeks before Matt Brown and Matthew Jenkner fished Oxlease they had a few out of St. Johns with Matt landing four fish up to 26lb 12oz and Matthew landing a 20lb 02oz mirror which at the time was his new PB.
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