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121 Youth Befriending challenging disadvantage


Challenging Disadvantage

Challenging disadvantage by changing young lives for the better, offering friendship, experience, diversion, caring and mentoring...

At 121 Youth Befriending we recruit and train volunteers from the local community to provide the necessary skills and support to young people who are experiencing difficulties in their lives.

There is an increasing call on the services of 121 as young people are finding it more and more difficult to cope with the complex business of growing up and coping with the pressures of our modern society.

As a successful local charity, we are receiving an increased number of referrals for young people who need that all-important ‘role model’ in their lives. Over the last few weeks I have visited several young lads all of whom have expressed a desire to ‘go fishing’.

Most of these lads live in single parent families with only a Mum. They do not have a dad or uncle or older brother to take them fishing.

- Could you give a couple of hours a week to a youngster who wants to participate in this activity?
- Could you provide a listening ear?
- Could you help them to regain their self-esteem and motivation enjoying a hobby with you?
- Could you be that positive role model they need?

If you could help a local youngster who just needs someone to give them space and time, to help them grow up and make a positive contribution to society please call:

ROSE at 121 Youth Befriending on 01892 616551 or 0774 3803044
or through our website

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