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Contour Map Fishing


What does your swim look like underwater?

Find out with M & B Contour Map Fishing

M & B Contour Mapping specializes in producing accurate coloured contour depth maps of lakes and Fisheries. The maps show any variations in depth, the position of ledges, holes, sunken islands or any other features. The pegs or swims are shown precisely in the correct position so the fishermen can see exactly what the water depths are like all around his swim.

The idea behind M & B Contour Map Fishing was conceived just over three years ago and came from our own interest in fishing. A lot of our time was spent trying to find out what the chosen swim really looked like under the water, were there any deep holes, would it be better to the right or left.

We decided it would be nice to have some form of record of this and the idea of a map was formed showing the details that would enable us to start fishing in the right place with very little searching for the deeper areas and features of the chosen swim.

So we developed a system to record data and produce accurate maps. We are now able accurately map up to four or five lakes in a day depending on the size.

Our website was launched August 2006 with the help and patience of Alderwood Ponds in West Sussex which is our local fishery. The interest in the site has been growing steadily and we now have a good selection of fisheries to suit all types of fishermen whether it is the guy out for a fun / relaxing day or the serious specimen hunters. We are adding new waters whenever possible and it has been interesting to note that several fisheries have found features / depths in their waters that they were not aware of and have used this information to make alterations to Islands and fishing peg positioning.

The site gives all the main information about each fishery including how to get there, facilities and what fish and size can be found there. We also link to other fishing sites that give more detailed information and where possible link to the fishery website which enable us to exchange information. M & B also have links with and Carp forum.

Most important of all are the maps which at present are available via land line phone or mobile text at a modest cost of £3.50 for the small lakes and £4.50 for the larger lakes. Maps can also be purchased through a postal service.

Send your request to M & B Contour Map Fishing, Kainga, 10 Newland Road, Upper Beeding, West Sussex. BN44 3JJ along with a stamped addressed envelope.

M & B are currently concentrating on fisheries in West and East Sussex, Surrey and hopefully will expand into Kent.

M & B can be contacted through their website

Maurice Guy & Barry Evans

An example of M & B's contour maps

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