Saturday, 10 April 2010 12:59

Bury Hill see’s huge catches reported as weather improves


Bury Hill see’s huge catches of tench, bream and crucian as weather improves! The general fishing on all the lakes saw a marked improvement this week as the weather picked up with anglers fishing the Old Lake catching big bags of bream to 100lb, which included good numbers of tench.

In turn Milton Lake also saw some incredible sport with quality tench and crucian making up the bulk of the catches with good numbers of specimen roach and rudd to 2lb and perch to 3lb also showing in nets to 100lb plus. Not to be left out, Bonds Lake has also seen some cracking ton up sport with anglers bagging up to 25 carp.

Bury Hill Fisheries fishery reportBradley Gibbons aged 12 is always pleased when his Dad John books him in for a coaching lesson with our tackle shop manager Russ Evans as it always guarantees a successful day's action. Fishing the pole on Milton lake and demonstrating how to catch finicky feeders like crucians and tench using light tackle and correct feeding, Bradley had his best day ever catching a net full of tench, crucian and silvers on maggot and pellet. With crucians up to 2lbs, tench from 3-4lbs and some quality roach and rudd plus the odd bream and carp young Bradley's total was impressive to say the least finishing his day with 39 crucians, 18 tench, 1 skimmer, 3 roach, 3 rudd and 1 carp which overall totaled around 100lb. Well done Bradley.

Bury Hill Fisheries fishery reportAnother angler to do well was Keith Hampson who also enjoyed his best days fishing to date when he also had a days coaching lesson on Milton Lake with Russ Evans. Adopting a sensitive waggler and maggot approach, Russ got Keith catching a good mix of species including two new pb's, a cracking 2lbs 4oz crucian carp and a 1lbs 5oz roach. Keith also caught some nice tench to 4lb and rudd for a 45lb catch. Keith's breakdown for the four-hour lesson was 13 crucian, 12 tench, 8 roach, 3 rudd and a perch plus a few that got away.

Russ is available most days in the shop and is always happy to give advice to help improve your catches, just ask. Alternatively, if you fancy a one to one with Russ which is guaranteed to improve your catches, please call him on 01306 883621.

Bury Hill Fisheries fishery reportTurning to the Old Lake, Bury Hill regular Mike Head had another brilliant days sport on the long bank this week catching 31 bream to 4lb and a bonus tench of 3lb for close to 100lb. Fishing peg 41, Mike fished a small open end feeder packed full of ground bait and 3mm pellet catching on 8mm soft pellet. This was Mikes second visit this week catching 19 bream and 2 tench during his earlier session when he alternated between feeder and pole catching on pellet, mini boilies and maggot.

Whilst pleasure anglers have been enjoying some great fishing on the Old Lake, local clubs have also seen their fair share of action as Hackbridge AC found this weekend with bream and skimmers domination the catches. With 30 plus anglers drawn on the front bank and early pegs along the long bank, match organizer Dave Johnson won the day with 75lb of bream, which he caught from peg 1 fishing the tip with corn and maggot. 2nd place went to Neil Jaks who weighed in 48lb 12oz of bream and skimmers, which he caught on the pole and pellet whilst Andy Ryan who bagged 39lb 10oz from peg 19 also catching on the tip and pellet took 3rd place.

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