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Catch Reports

18th August 2009

Mike Dibble fished the River Adur below White Bridge on the evening of the 15th August. Using feeder fished banded pellets it was a bite a chuck from the Skimmers & Mike managed about a dozen to nearly 3lb plus a decent Roach. The session would have been even better if two bigger Bream had stayed on the hook & not spooked the shoal. Mike reports that other hook baits were not nearly as effective.

11th August 2009

Steve and Verity Ludlow fished their favourite swim on Deep Pond at Goose Green on the 11th August, fishing the waggler with pellet Steve caught a steady succession of Roach, Rudd, Tench, Skimmers & Gudgeon, Steve reports that at one pointy he was plagued by the Gudgeon and one Gudgeon bite sailed off into the deeper water, and after a bit of a struggle, it turned out to be a small Common Carp of around 2-0-0, shortly after another bite resulted in one of the infamous flying Bream of around 1-8-0.

4th August 2009

Steve and Verity Ludlow made a return visit to Deep Lake at Goose Green on the 4th August, after briefly contemplating trying floating baits for the carp moving on the surface the pair decided to target the many small Tench & Crucians in the lake, fishing the waggler to the marginal lilies, Steve caught Gudgeon, Rudd, Roach, Crucians and Tench on corn and strawberry pellets.  Later in the session with pellet on the hook, Steve hooked into and landed a 1-8-0 Mirror Carp, followed immediately by another that might have been a bit weightier as it managed to break Steve's 2lb10oz hook length. 

3rdAugust 2009

Andrew Eggleden sends the following report re his trips to Goose Green with his two young sons:
I have just joined Pulborough A S with a family membership and thought I would let you know of our success. I introduced my 2 sons Jake (11) and Ben (7) to fishing for the first time last month and on our first visit fished Heron without a single bite !
The following week we fished Canada with a mixed bag of small fish. The boys were thrilled they actually caught something this time !
We have just returned from fishing Deep lake today with a bag containing Gudgeon, Roach, Bream, Tench, Skimmers, Perch, Chub ( 1lb 6) and 2 Common Carp ( 3lb and 5 lb). The boys were absolutely delighted and I now seem to have two new fishing companions to help me get back into the sport I had long forgotten about.

Thanks for helping introduce my sons to fishing by providing such a well maintained fishery at Goose Green.

2nd August 2009

Goose Green was a hive of activity on Sunday 2nd August with anglers to be found on all but two of the venues lakes and ponds, Deep Lake saw Karen Ginnaw fishing peg 75 where she caught a 2 lb Chub and 1-8-0 Bream plus small Tench, Roach, Perch & Gudgeon to short pole and corn/ maggot for a total net of 4-11-0, hubby Barry was to found on adjacent peg 76, where he caught 1 Carp of 1-8-0 on the feeder plus small Carp and bits on the pole and maggot for a net of 5-12-0.

Kingfisher Lake saw Ray Clark enjoying a days fishing, Ray fishing pole & pellet caught Bream, Skimmers, Roach, Rudd and Gudgeon more or less non stop all day, also on Kingfisher lake was Mark Emery, Mark also fishing pole and pellet had a comparable net to Ray's bag with Roach, Rudd, Crucians, Skimmers, Tench & Bream coming to his waiting net.

Match Results

Tropicana Cup 23 - August 2009

Fished by 16 anglers at Goose Green.

1st (peg 63) Arthur (2 sheds) Shepherd 11.43 kg (25-3-0), 4 carp to 10 lb 14 oz and 2 chub to pole and pellet.
2nd (peg 45) Kevin Parker 8.5 kg (18-12-0) all tench to pole and single maggot.
3rd (peg 77) Dudley Chandler 6.75 kg (14-14-0) 3 carp to feeder and pellet plus bits to pole.
4th (peg 42) Chris Coole 6.6 kg (14-9-0) 3 carp to pole and worm.

Pulborough Open - 9 August 2009

Fished by 15 anglers on the bottom lake at Moor Farm;-

1st Jason Kirk (Sonubait Passies) 30.07 kg (66-5-0) 19 carp to pellet waggler.
2nd Kevin Parker (P.A.S) 29.89 kg (65-14-0) 15 carp to 10 lb on Pellet waggler.
3rd Eddie Green (Sonubait Passies) 21.35 kg (47-1-0) 15 carp to pellet waggler.
4th Colin Steer (P.A.S) 16.65 kg (36-11-0) 13 carp to method and boilie.

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Pulborough Angling Society

Our AGM & prize presentation evening will be held on Friday 27th February 2009 at Ashington Community Centre starting at 8pm sharp, the AGM will be preceded by a prize presentation for our juniors and a short update on how the juniors have fared in their match series against other local clubs this past year, starting at 7:30pm, would all match anglers in possession of trophies from last season, please return them Barry Ginnaw as soon as possible please.

Would members please note that Moor Farm will close for it's annual shut down on Monday 12th January 2009 until 7th March 2009, no fishing whatsoever will be allowed during the closure period.

Catch Report

Goose Green

Adam Tester fished peg 7 on Heron Lake at Goose Green on the 17th Feb, Adam fishing bread punch reports catching a bag of Roach, but the day was topped off by a 3-0-0 Common Carp.

Craig Burgess fished Canada lake at Goose Green on the 18th February, Craig started off using bread & sweetcorn fished on the bottom but missed the only bite he had. He then tried some floating crust towards the margins, after a few minutes Craig was into a 4lb Common carp which came in easily, Craig then lost another carp which slipped the hook straight away, not to be outdone by the fish Craig persevered with floating crust and was rewarded with a 7lb common which put up a real struggle.

Moor Farm


Duncans Pond

Reece Woodhams fished Duncan's Pond on the 17th February, Recce fishing with hair rigged corn reports the capture of a 13-0-0 Common carp on a bolt rig.

River Arun

No reports

River Adur

Mark Dibble fished the River Adur below White Bridge on the 15th February. Mark reports the river as still fining down after the flooding last week, but his speculative session did produce a fish. Using groundbait feeder fished pellet, the third cast saw the tip drop back gently in a way he didn't even recognise as a bite. A couple of minutes later Mark picked up the rod to reel in & found what he thought to be a good Skimmer hanging on the end. The Skimmer turned out to be a perfectly lip hooked & very lethargic 3lb Mirror Carp! After that it went quiet.

River Rother

No Reports

Source: Pulborough Angling Society

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