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No fishing in rivers, streams and drains

The Environment Agency is reminding anglers in Lincolnshire that the closed season for fishing has begun. This warning is issued as the closed season begins.

Environment Agency fishing newsClosed season, which protects spawning fish, started on March 15 and runs until June 15 inclusive making it illegal to fish in any river, stream or drain during this period. Environment Agency fisheries bailiffs will be on patrol and anyone caught breaking the law faces a potential fine of up to £2,500.

The first few days of the closed season saw several reports of illegal activity, especially in urban areas such as Spalding, Lincoln and Northampton. On the first day there were several reports of illegal activity, with the Spalding area – the Rivers Glen and Welland, Vernatts Drain and Coronation Channel - proving to be hotspots, along with other urban areas.

In the Grimsby area Environment Agency officers are focusing on the River Freshney, and in particular the stretch between the Riverhead and Laceby Acres.

Roger Ferguson, Environment Officer at the Environment Agency, Lincoln, said awareness needed raising about the closed season, a legal requirement under the Salmon And Freshwater Fisheries Act.

He said: ‘Nobody admits they know about closed season, they know there is one but not when the dates are. We have put signs up at waters where we have had offences in the past and work with fishing tackle suppliers to educate people.’

And he warned anglers who flout the law they would be caught: ‘If you do fish illegally, you will get reeled in by the bailiffs.’

Members of the public are asked to report all illegal fishing between these dates by calling the Environment Agency on 0800 80 70 60.

Source: Environment Agency Fishing News

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