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Fly Fishing in Iceland - courtesy of Beckmann Visual Publishing

This ambitious and exciting film about fly fishing in Iceland follows Icelandic local fishermen as they pursue their catch - Arctic Salmon, Sea Trout and Arctic Char.

Fly Fishing In Iceland DVDThis is a unique fishing film allowing you to see the different fishing culture of Iceland first hand. Iceland is beautiful and a fish-rich, enchanting setting for fishermen keen to share with you their expertise and experiences. Though the northern summers are short, the fish are plentiful, offering up many unforgettable fights between man and his quarry.

The producer Eggert Skulason is the editor of the premier Icelandic fishing magazine called "Veidimadurinn" (The Fishermam). He has been fishing in Iceland for over three decades and has all the skills needed to point out the best places to fish and explain the tactics that work. Eggert is also a veteran producer having produced over 40 fishing films.

Five very different rivers are fished in this film, providing great variety. Among them is the River Hofsa, visited by Prince Charles for many years and a small but beautiful river in an isolated fjord that gets invaded by arctic Char every summer. The film contains some stunning unerwater footage including a big Char chasing and eventually catching the fly.

The DVD also includes maps of locations fished in the programme

Running Time: approximately 67 mins

Right from the start, I should say that I am neither a fly fishermen, neither have I ever been to Iceland. After watching this video though, I am seriously considering doing both!!

This is not fly fishing as most of us probably know it. Rather than well stocked commercial trout fisheries, this is fishing at its best, on wild natural rivers that tumble their way through some dramatic and stunning scenery.

The DVD manages to create just the right balance between technical fishing information about line, flies & techniques, footage of fish being played and caught and just unashamed shots of the wondeful Icelandic scenery. Underwater footage of fish in the natural habitat is almost obligatory in fishing videos these days and Fly Fishing in Iceland is no exception. It brings the whole experiece so much more to life.

I really enjoyed Fly Fishing In Iceland and would highly recommend it. Sitting at home in London on a miserable January afternoon, it has certainly made me want to get on my bike and experience other countries and the fishing they offer. If UK Fisherman doesn't get updated for while cos I've gone travelling, you can blame this film !!

Cheers for now ... Paul@UK Fisherman


Where to buy Fly Fishing In Iceland:
Fly Fishing in Iceland is available to puchase from Beckmann Visual Publishing in DVD format and is priced at £16.99.

To order this excellent DVD, visit

A big thank you to Kelly Smith and all at Beckmann Visual Publishing for supplying UK Fisherman with this DVD for review.

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The Deadliest Catch DVD

Think you’ve got a raw deal? Just wait until you hear about these guys. Battling against forty-foot waves and freezing temperatures is all a part of the daily routine for the Alaskan crab fishermen in Deadliest Catch – Series 2.

Routine brushes with death are all in a days work.

The Deadliest Catch Series 2The hugely successful Discovery Channel series was nominated for seven primetime Emmys, and series 1 garnered a huge following with in excess of 3 million UK viewers. Deadliest Catch Series 2 will be released as a lavishly packaged five DVD set, featuring over 500 minutes of fantastic footage, on 28 January 2008 courtesy of Demand DVD.

This amazing documentary examines the fascinating lives of Alaskan crab fishermen as they struggle to survive in one of the most deadly vocations around. With an injury rate of almost 100%, this adventure is not for the faint-hearted. The Discovery Channel crew take us across the Bering Sea in search of the highly lucrative crab. With just a few weeks to reach their quota, these men must find what they so desperately seek, or risk going hungry the rest of the year. For this, they willingly jeopardise everything.

Competing against Mother Nature is a struggle, but with mounting pressure from regulatory institutions, these men must battle to keep their lives and income; as well as their heritage.

Follow the compelling lives of these blue-collar men as they encounter the perils of the Bering Sea. Discover the ups and downs and near death experiences all from the comfort and safety of your own armchair. Catch reality TV at its exciting best.

Extras: Second Deadliest Job In The World, Life On A Boat

Title: The Deadliest Catch - Series 2
Release date: 28th January 2008
Running time: 510 mins
RRP: £29.99
Certificate: Exempt

Further Information:

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