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Etang De Planchon, France | week 9 catch report


Etang de Planchon is a friendly carp fishing destination within the Haute Vienne region of France, near the lovely market town of Chateauponsac which has bars, restaurants and shops and is 30 minutes away from Limoges Airport. Here is their latest catch report.

Angling Trust fishing newsWeek 9 saw the arrival of 3 lads from Surrey.

Scott, Darren & Richard started fishing after the lake had rested for 4 days.
Between them they managed to land 66 fish, 2 of which were pike. The carp totalled 1416 lb & 7 oz, of which 5 were 30’s.
The biggest out was 35 lb 1 oz.

Scott caught 20 carp totalling 433 lb 15 oz
His catches were: 15.4lb, 16.4lb, 17lb, 18lb, 2 x 18.2lb, 18.4lb, 2 x 18.6lb, 2 x 21lb, 2 x 22lb, 22.4lb, 23.6lb, 24lb, 26lb, 28lb, 32.5lb & 34.4lb.

Darren caught 19 Carp, totalling 416lb & 5oz, and 1 Pike.
His catches were: 3lb Pike, 16.8lb, 2 x 17.2lb, 17.6lb, 19lb, 19.5lb, 21.5lb, 2 x 21.6lb, 21.15lb, 2 x 22lb, 22.1lb, 22.5lb, 23.3lb, 25lb, 25.5lb & 2 x 31lb.

Richard walked away with the most Catches for the week with 25 Carp, totalling 566 lb & 3 oz, and 1 Pike.
His catches were: 16.2lb, 16.4lb, 16.8lb, 2 x 17lb, 17.8lb, 18lb, 18.15lb, 2 x 20lb, 20.6lb, 21lb, 21.5lb, 22lb, 22.10lb, 23.5lb, 25.2lb, 2 x 27lb, 27.5lb, 2 x 29lb, 29.2lb, 29.10lb & 35.1lb.

The guys all left happy after a good weeks fishing.

Check out the full catch report here:

Check out all the photos here:

Source: Etang De Planchon

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