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Research into why people go fishing gives a boost to angling


The Angling Trust has published the results of research which provides valuable insight into why people go fishing and what can be done to get more non-anglers and their families to take part in this wonderful outdoors activity.

Angling Trust fishing researchThe report, commissioned from research company Substance, will help shape the Angling Trust's strategy to boost fishing over the next few years. England's representative body for angling has used the study to design angling participation projects this year and it will play a key role in shaping future programmes to help people start to fish, improve facilities for disabled anglers, encourage more people to come back to the sport and to get out by the waterside more frequently. This continues the Angling Trust's work to position angling as an even more attractive option for the UK's increasingly time-pressed, aging and financially challenged population so that they can become part of angling's £1 billion contribution to the English economy and the 37,000 jobs it sustains.

Work carried out by the Angling Trust to promote angling and run events to increase participation, is funded by Sport England and the Environment Agency and gets tens of thousands of people fishing each year.

This research highlights how fishing is an activity that can be done with family to relax and unwind, be close to nature and have fun with friends, as well as enjoying the personal challenges associated with catching a fish. Importantly the results of the research, which reached out to 13,000 people, endorse the Angling Trust's refocus on tactics that incorporate new and social media to speak to a population that might not have recently considered fishing, but who would love to combine it with other sports and pastimes, or include angling as an option in their holiday time.

The Angling Trust's Participation Team hopes that everyone who has an interest in angling will benefit by downloading the summary report available at

Key Findings

  • One third of the adult population of England have tried angling at least once
  • Of those who have tried angling, around half have some interest in doing it again
  • Angling attracts higher than average numbers of disabled people
  • 70% of current anglers said combining angling with other activities would encourage them to go
  • 45.6% said that fishing events where family can do other things would encourage them to go
  • 70% said that combining angling with short breaks or other activities would encourage them to go
  • 24.4% said that social media to find people to fish with and places to fish would encourage them to go
  • 40.5% of current anglers surveyed said to relax and de-stress was their most important angling motivation

Clive Copeland, Head of Participation at the Angling Trust said: "This year we've developed a range of events that our team of Regional Officers can use to sustain the involvement in angling that provides so much enjoyment to those who go fishing. The research from Substance has helped shape the content of hundreds of Get Back Into and Get Into Angling days and Let's Go Family Fishing sessions. These events have already brought thousands of anglers into or back to angling this year alone. By working alongside Get Hoked on Fishing and National Fishing Month we are providing a joined-up participation campaign based on sound research. We are confident that angling will be in a better place in years to come after this investment in its future."

Will Smith, Angling Promotions Officer, for the Angling Trust added: "The insight that the surveys of 13,000 anglers and non-anglers provides, gives reassurance that the work we have initiated - which makes free fishing sessions easy to find at and on our social media - will get more people fishing more often. We know that people want to go fishing and we aim to join with other sports to help make fishing a realistic choice for busy people that love spending time outdoors."

Sarah Chare, Deputy Director for Fisheries at the Environment Agency, said: "Angling is good for people's health, improves educational performance and creates 37,000 jobs, so it's important to understand what makes anglers tick and how to get more people involved. Anyone can have a go, all you need is a £27 rod licence. All of this money is invested in protecting and improving fisheries and angling. Rod licences can be bought online or by phoning 0344 800 5386"

Paul Kendall, NGB Relationship Manager at Sport England commented: "We are very encouraged that the Angling Trust has demonstrated its commitment to further understanding why people go angling and the role it plays in their lives. We are particularly supportive of the ways in which they are using this insight to shape what they do."

Source: Angling Trust Fishing News

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