Saturday, 07 March 2009 12:18

Zander go on feeding frenzy


Zander go on feeding frenzy with ten doubles reported in 7 days!

Zander go on feeding frenzy

Is Bury Hill the BEST stillwater zander fishery in the country?

This weeks catches would certainly beg the question with ten big zeds banked with conditions near perfect.

As reported at the start of last week, young Bradley Gibbons aged 11 was the first to catch a fish of a lifetime, a stonking 13lb 12oz zander which was his first ever Zed. Fishing with his dad John, Bradley and John had opted for a days private tuition with Big Fish tutor Eric Bailey. Fishing swims 46 and 47, Eric tackled the pair up with a light ledger rig and single size 4 hooks and following recent successes opted to fish a Mackerel fillet to the lily beds, as well as the big Zed the pair also caught 3 smaller fish but also lost 2 or 3 as the fish were in a finicky mood.

Zander go on feeding frenzyAnother young lad to catch a fish of a lifetime this week was Sam Dodd, Sam fished peg 38 along the long bank catching a cracking 12lb 3oz zander on a ledgered mackerel tail, which he popped up just off the bottom.

Regular Anthony Townsey also had a blinding day with the zed’s catching a brace of doubles. Fishing peg 39 Anthony ledgered a small roach dead bait over the dead lilies catching zed’s weighing 10lb and 14lb 4oz.

Another angler to catch a double figure zander was Chris Roots, having just returned to angling after a big operation 2 years ago, Chris was delighted to catch a 10lb 4oz zed. Fishing peg 42, Chris fished a mackerel section laced with Nash Lobster oil mounted on a size 10 single hook rig which he fished half way across the lake.

Gary Newman from the Anglers Mail also grabbed a quick session in the week catching 6 zander, which included a 12lb 15oz specimen. Gary fished a sea dead bait on a single size 4 hook 10mts out to a snag tree.

Clive Jenkins also cashed in on the action with a new PB Zed weighing 12lb 13oz. Fishing peg 4 at the end of the front bank, Clive fished a small roach dead bait to the margins catching 3 zander which included his new PB.

Source: Bury Hill Fisheries


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