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Must take items for carp fishing in France


You're getting ready for you carp fishing expedition to France.  Now all you need to know is what you should take along with you.  Of course you know the obvious like the bait and tackle.  What some fishermen do not realise is the essential items needed for carp fishing in France.

Carp Fishing in FranceYes there are some very important items that are on the “must take with me” list.  Knowing what they will ensure that you’re well prepared to catch that big carp while fishing in France.  Of course every angler should take into consideration the health and care of the fish.

The Must Take List

  1. A good quality un-hooking mat. 
    A good quality un-hooking matWith care for the carp in mind the use of a un-hooking mat becomes essential for fishing in France.  The ground itself can damage the fish’s eyes, scales or even break bones. 

    Using a un-hooking mat with handles you can carry the fish back to the water and release it with care. 

  2. 50 inch landing net. 
    A good landing net should have a 50” mouth or opening.  This will allow you to easily get the carp into the net.  Landing the fish with a big net will also lessen the stress on the fish.  Proper use of the net is a must, especially for fishing in France.  Always grab the net halfway down the handle.  It allows for better control and there is a less chance that the landing net handle will break.  With better control you will be able ensure that you don’t bump the net into the fish’s head thus causing more damage then necessary.

  3. Klinik carp care antiseptic.Klinik carp care antiseptic. 
    Using the antiseptic will give your catch a head start recovery.  This is very important when it comes to the proper care of your catch.  One shot after removing the hook will sterilize the wound.  Klinik also speeds up the natural healing process.  One bottle has enough antiseptic to treat 300 carp.

  4. Good variety of BaitGood variety of bait.
    This is important for obvious reasons.  If you’re using a single type of bait and get nothing, you’re going to want to change.  Well if you don’t have what is needed to get the big ones to bite you're in for long fishing trip.  So, always carry a variety of carp bait.

  5. Marker rod. 
    You want to know where to place your bait.  Sure there are the obvious places like overhanging trees and weed beds but what about the sand bars and rock beds.  You need to know where these areas are and a target is nice to have.  With the use of a marker rod while fishing in France you will have this much needed target.  Just place your bait near it and your sure to bring them in.

  6. PVA bags, netting and string. 
    A favorite among many carp fishing is the PVA bag.  This method can be red hot if done properly.  There are many anglers who will spend hours preparing their bags prior to the carp fishing trip.  Using PVA bags can be successful for you while the rest of the anglers on the lake are left with nothing.

  7. Catapult. 
    A catapult is great for short distance baiting and making a good spread of bait around your hook. They are not so useful at long distances, so you may want to consider a spod rod. This will bring the carp near your hook and hopefully improve your catch. 

There are of course other items that you might want to bring along with you on your carp fishing trip to France.  The biggest thing to keep in mind is the care of the fish prior to releasing it back into the water.  Always take care of the fish and they can increase your fishing experience for years to come.

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