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Thought other fellow catfish lovers might like to see the catfish I caught from a recent trip to Lac renard France. The trip was my 3rd time at this fishery which is a French owned venue of approx 16 acres stocked with carp and wells catfish.

I caught this cat during the early hours of the morning 3 days into my weeks fishing. The cat took a hook bait of 2 halibut dumbell boilies and 2 nash squid robin red 20mm boilies, fished over a scattered bed of mixed pellet. The cat was in superd condition and weighed in at 135lbs!!

135lb Catfish

135lb Catfish

I returned to bed one very happy lady!

More cats, carp and kittens followed to make a fantastic weeks fishing. Roll on next year when i will return to this superb venue.

Pamela Martin, October 2010

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Lac de Lumiere is a private lake situated in the heart of the Loire Valley near Sancerre, the famous wine growing region, and runs parallel to the Lateral Canal of the Loire. A 3 acre lake newly established in 2009, in idyllic surroundings in an area of Chateaux, Countryside and Vineyards.

Lac De Lumiere is an ideal venue for a fishing holiday in France and with holidays available for up to 5 anglers with the whole lake to themselves for only £250 per week, offering the chance to catch carp up to 56lb, surely this is an opportunity you won't want to miss. Accommodation is available in a new 2 bed log cabin with shower, lounge and kitchen.

Lac De Lumiere fishing holidays in France



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This issue of the news letter is coming to you slightly later than expected as there was a lot of work going on at the lake. Publishing was held off until the lake was dug and the island was built so that this news letter could give you all the up to date information. This issue focuses solely on the work completed in July / August 2010. August here has been quite hot, on a few days it reached 37 degrees and at times it was quite difficult to work outside.
Kiran & Angelo

Etang De Planchon

Etang de Planchon is a friendly carp fishing destination within the Haute Vienne region of France, near the lovely market town of Chateauponsac which has bars, restaurants and shops and is 30 minutes away from Limoges Airport. This beautiful four acre lake is set in a ten acre estate and is a secluded and secure venue which caters for a maximum of five anglers per week, licensed for day and night fishing where no permits are required.

Etang De Planchon is Opening for its first season in March 2011, but is available to take bookings NOW.

To see how this stunning carp fishing destination is preparing for its opening in 2011, please check out their latest newsetter:

Etang De Planchon Newsletter Issue 5

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Earlier in the year a phone conversation had me on the edge of my seat, during a visit to Northern France some friends had found a venue that seem to fit the requirements we looked for in a new venue. What was needed was for some anglers to go over and test fish the venue and was I up for it, was I ever!

Carp fishing Northern France - Hidden TreasuresFrom the description it sounded like my type of water, very lightly fished as far as the Carp are concerned and very little known about its potential. My friends were very excited about the venue and couldn’t wait to get back to fish it, having found the water on Google Earth I had to agree, it seemed to be everything we looked for, having arms and bays as well as little creeks to provide the intrigue and challenge we required.

A few phone calls and Paul Johnson a friends and Carp fishing stalwart agreed to join me, having caught many big fish from French waters Paul knows what is required, we had hoped that Rod Bird (Birdy) would also be joining us but things didn’t work out so it was just Paul and myself. After liaising with the local Mason de Peche everything was in place and we were ready to go. Our friends had gone out the week before us and had been fortunate enough to have caught fish to 52lbs so we were really buzzing.

At last the 18th April arrived and with Pauls X Trail loaded to the gunnels we made for the ferry arriving at the port a little before 7am, even the drizzle couldn’t dampen our enthusiasm. We travelled courtesy of Brittany Ferries and I have to say that we were very impressed with good food and hospitality we had an extremely comfortable crossing. As Paul had been at work until 11pm on Friday night and we had made a very early start we had the use of a cabin which was clean and comfortable with excellent facilities. This allowed a few hours sleep and a nice hot shower before the we arrived in France.

Carp fishing Northern France - Hidden TreasuresAfter a short, by French standards, uneventful drive we pulled into the small village in Northern France and found the little hotel where we were to meet up with Frederick from the local Mason de Peche. We found Frederick waiting for us in the hotel in the small local town, after a nice cold beer we got down to business. Several areas had been identified as having potential so with permits and maps in hand we followed Frederick on the short drive to the lake. After looking at several spots we elected to fish an arm that narrowed under a bridge before opening out into the main lake again. But what a lake this was, it was exactly as it had been described absolutely beautiful, virtually untouched virgin Carp water buried deep in the French county side, heaven.

Carp fishing Northern France - Hidden TreasuresUnfortunately it was still drizzling so getting the gear sorted was a bit of a damp job but who cares we have 10 days Carp fishing ahead of us on a totally unspoilt water with unknown potential, nothing could put us down. The Federation de Peche had very kindly provided us with the use of a boat for the duration and while we got the bivvies up the boat was rowed round to our chosen swim. With the gear sorted we set about getting some rods out, as time was now getting on and with the light going we opted for PVA bags for the night and to have a proper look around in the morning. As we could park the car right behind us life was a lot easier than it might have been and we didn’t need to have everything in the bivvies. After a good meal it was time to sit back, relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Total tranquillity surrounded us, frogs croaked in the rushes and birds sang in the trees as the light melted into darkness and in the margins the Bream and Roach cavorted in their annual sexual rituals. Away in the darkness the odd fish could be heard to roll and splash but we could not tell what they were on this moonless night. We would have no moon until the last couple of days when a new moon would rise, is that good or bad? Some think it’s good to have no moon others think it make little difference, I’m unconvinced either way.

Carp fishing Northern France - Hidden TreasuresAfter a hearty breakfast we sorted out the sounder and the electric outboard and spent the next few hours getting to know our swim, Frederick had told us yesterday that the lake was the highest they had ever known it so all depths were well above normal. The massive influx of new water also meant that the lake was very coloured, depths varied from 7ft in the margin to 27ft at the deepest with bars, gullies and plateaus everywhere these along with the marginal features such as overhanging bushes and fallen trees gave plenty of marks to try our luck. With spots chosen and markers in place we baited with beds of particles and boilies, a tactic that has always stood us in good stead on these types of waters in the past, now with baits in position we could relax a little. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy but that didn’t seem to matter our surroundings and the lake seemed to overcome all.

As we settled back with a nice coffee Sebastian from the Federation de Peche arrived bringing us large laminated maps of the lake along with other bits of information. What a lovely guy his wife has just given birth to their first child and he has dragged out to brings us maps etc and check everything is OK, now that’s what I call service. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter Sebastian.

Carp fishing Northern France - Hidden TreasuresOver the next six days we worked hard at our fishing trying everything we could think of, we caught a number of the double figured Commons but the bigger fish eluded us. These Commons are absolutely pristine and scale perfect, most having never been caught before fight like absolute demons. When that buzzer sounded you had no idea what was on the other end, they were all one toners and when you picked up the rod it slammed round into a battle curve that would have done bigger fish credit.

Over these six days the weather proves to be very erratic with temperatures ranging from 10c to 26.6c during the daytime with a strong northerly blowing straight into us for most of the time. On the Sunday morning I placed a marker at the waters edge, by the Friday the water level had dropped nearly 3ft, the waters edge was now some 15ft from my marker.

On the Thursday the wind swung round and was now blowing away from us and all signs of fish had disappeared so after much deliberation we made the decision to move to a new spot about 1.5k around the lake into a large bay. After breakfast on Friday morning the big upheaval began, we loaded the boat and the rest of the gear went back into the motor, as Paul set of down the lake in the boat I checked the site and made sure we left no rubbish (the one thing we had noticed was that there seemed to be no rats) before setting off around the road. Andy Judd and Pete Truckle arrived at the lake on the Friday and would be fishing for a week they were to start on another lake in the area.

Carp fishing Northern France - Hidden TreasuresOnce again we could get the motor right to the swim which was a bonus as when we picked the spot we thought we would have to boat the gear in, although this nearly proved to be a major problem, more later.

Quickly getting sorted, it was out in the boat to suss out the new area, 7ft in the margin quickly dropping to 17ft and then gradually to 24ft with some deeper areas dropping to 28ft. The main features found were the occasional bar rising maybe a couple of feet off the bottom, deep margins and the numerous tree stumps. Again we baited with beds of particles and boilies, concentrating 4 rods in the deeper water and bars with the other 4 rods being fished in the shallower water and margins. The weather continued to be very erratic with Monday being a day of torrential rain. This brings us to the problem Tuesday morning brought more rain with the sun re-appearing later in the afternoon. With the drive back to the ferry in the morning we decide to start getting sorted and pack up what we could Paul left to get rid of the rubbish bags at the local drop off but was quickly back. He could not get out even with the 4 wheel drive the torrential rain had made it impossible, Paul only had normal road tyres on and not all terrain and they just would not grip. Eventually I suggested trying it in reverse which got him a lot further up and with me shoving for all I’m worth we managed to get out, so the motor stayed out on the hard standing for the night. Later Andy Judd dropped round for a chat, they had pulled off the lake they started on and were now about .75k further round the lake.

Carp fishing Northern France - Hidden TreasuresWednesday morning saw us boating the gear along the lake to the motor and hauling it up a very steep incline. We had promised Andy and Pete any water we had left so Andy came round to collect it and very kindly gave us a hand with the gear, thanks mate.

We had again fished hard over our final 5 days but no more Carp were caught although as we packed up on the Wednesday morning we had a couple of very nice fish roll by our markers, what would another night have brought? Over the course of the 12 days we were out there we spoke to some local Carp anglers who confirmed that fish to 25k plus have been caught from the lake a fact further confirmed by the guys from the Federation de Peche.

One thing is for sure we will be going back, this is a cracking venue in a lovely location with its full potential still to be realised. This is certainly my type of water, this venue has everything needed, a reasonable head of fish with the potential of some very big fish and it is challenging, what more could you want. I occasionally fish commercial waters but much prefer this type of venue, maybe it’s the pioneering spirit, the unknown!

Our thanks to Sebastian, Frederick and everyone at the Federation de Peche for making us so welcome, we feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to fish such a cracking venue.

See you on the bank sometime, somewhere!

Tight Lines, Ralph
It’s just nice to be here a fish is a bonus.
Source: Ralph Dennett BCSG, ECHO

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Promote your business at UK FishermanLac du Logerie is an exciting new French carp fishing venue opening in April 2010. Their 11 acre lake offers superb fishing for large, excellent quality carp in a spectacular yet intimate environment.

Lac du Logerie is located in the Vienne region of France and is approximately 4 hours drive from Le Havre with the average weight of carp around 21lbs and a large number of 30 - 35lb fast growing mirrors and commons.

Address: La Puye, Vienne region, France
Species: mirror carp, common carp
Tel: 0033 549 47 53 05
Prices: visit website for packages and prices

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You're getting ready for you carp fishing expedition to France.  Now all you need to know is what you should take along with you.  Of course you know the obvious like the bait and tackle.  What some fishermen do not realise is the essential items needed for carp fishing in France.

Carp Fishing in FranceYes there are some very important items that are on the “must take with me” list.  Knowing what they will ensure that you’re well prepared to catch that big carp while fishing in France.  Of course every angler should take into consideration the health and care of the fish.

The Must Take List

  1. A good quality un-hooking mat. 
    A good quality un-hooking matWith care for the carp in mind the use of a un-hooking mat becomes essential for fishing in France.  The ground itself can damage the fish’s eyes, scales or even break bones. 

    Using a un-hooking mat with handles you can carry the fish back to the water and release it with care. 

  2. 50 inch landing net. 
    A good landing net should have a 50” mouth or opening.  This will allow you to easily get the carp into the net.  Landing the fish with a big net will also lessen the stress on the fish.  Proper use of the net is a must, especially for fishing in France.  Always grab the net halfway down the handle.  It allows for better control and there is a less chance that the landing net handle will break.  With better control you will be able ensure that you don’t bump the net into the fish’s head thus causing more damage then necessary.

  3. Klinik carp care antiseptic.Klinik carp care antiseptic. 
    Using the antiseptic will give your catch a head start recovery.  This is very important when it comes to the proper care of your catch.  One shot after removing the hook will sterilize the wound.  Klinik also speeds up the natural healing process.  One bottle has enough antiseptic to treat 300 carp.

  4. Good variety of BaitGood variety of bait.
    This is important for obvious reasons.  If you’re using a single type of bait and get nothing, you’re going to want to change.  Well if you don’t have what is needed to get the big ones to bite you're in for long fishing trip.  So, always carry a variety of carp bait.

  5. Marker rod. 
    You want to know where to place your bait.  Sure there are the obvious places like overhanging trees and weed beds but what about the sand bars and rock beds.  You need to know where these areas are and a target is nice to have.  With the use of a marker rod while fishing in France you will have this much needed target.  Just place your bait near it and your sure to bring them in.

  6. PVA bags, netting and string. 
    A favorite among many carp fishing is the PVA bag.  This method can be red hot if done properly.  There are many anglers who will spend hours preparing their bags prior to the carp fishing trip.  Using PVA bags can be successful for you while the rest of the anglers on the lake are left with nothing.

  7. Catapult. 
    A catapult is great for short distance baiting and making a good spread of bait around your hook. They are not so useful at long distances, so you may want to consider a spod rod. This will bring the carp near your hook and hopefully improve your catch. 

There are of course other items that you might want to bring along with you on your carp fishing trip to France.  The biggest thing to keep in mind is the care of the fish prior to releasing it back into the water.  Always take care of the fish and they can increase your fishing experience for years to come.

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Following on from last year's wonderful 2nd place, the Angling Trust England Carp Team are extremely excited to be taking part in the 11th FIPPSed World Carp Championships. The 72 hour event is being held on Lac De Luby in Cazaubon, Barbotan in the South of France this week (21st October to 25th October 2009).

Angling Trust Fishing NewsThere has been no change in the line-up representing England from South Africa last year: the Maker boys, Tom and Andy will be trying hard to increase their individual 4th place in Africa with a higher podium position this year. There will be strong competition this year also from the other two pairs, Ian Huntington and Peter Holehouse and the youngsters in the team, Billy Flowers and Jamie Londers.  Hopefully this will propel the squad to a long awaited team gold medal.

Squad manager, Mitch Smith had this to say:- " The squad this year is again the strongest group of competitive carping pairs within the UK.  The guys have just had a very good and solid practice session at the lake giving me a good feeling for this year. With the champs this year in France and the event next year on home soil here in the UK, I can't help but feel the next two years offer us the greatest chance to stamp our authority on the event.  I'm sure this year the squad will yet again do us proud and secure us another podium finish with perhaps a gold as a highlight.  Can I also take this opportunity to thank our team sponsors, HS Works, and in particular the Managing Director Mr John Newton for their unprecedented support".

The sponsors HS Works have for the second year shown superb support for the national squad.  Without their support the team would struggle to attend these championships, so huge thanks must go to them.

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Promote your business at UK FishermanCroix Blanche - Carp Fishing Lakes in France. Two top class Carp fishing lakes of 6 & 8 acres set in the Picardy region, just north of Reims, only 150 miles from Calais that have been established since 1999.

The lakes contain a really good head of carp averaging around 20lb with specimens to over 50lb as well as some very large catfish to over 100lb, the largest in 2009 topping the 96lb mark. Onsite facilities include hot showers and English toilets. There is also a mobile home that is available for optional hire.

Address: Etangs de la Croix Blanche, 22 rue Principale 02820 Berrieux, France
Species: carp, catfish
Tel: 0033 962 20 56 44     Mobile: 0033 670 90 04 33
Prices: call fishery for latest prices

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Like just about every fisherman in the world it all starts as a boy, Having lived in Nottingham i was never short of a river or lake to fish, and of course what to fish for, carp, pike, bream, roach etc. So on moving to france 10 years ago i was in heaven, the unspoilt, none over fished rivers, the well stocked lakes and the beautiful surroundings and nature to take in whilst waiting for the bite.

Cat fishing FranceI started Carp fishing as i already had the equipment, my fishing trips were fruitful with A1 carp all double figures and unsuspecting! Having met my now fishing buddy i was converted by my first night CATFISHING expedition, it was amazing, these guys are monsters, with 16 catfish in one night, spending three nights by the river the catches kept coming, from 30lb up to 96lb, and all in between, its thrilling work and when they take the bait you had better be ready! landing these fish is an adrenaline rush, and the whole experience is something that every fisherman should try.

This is why i decided to set up as a guide, to share this experience with others.

The area is the Poitou Charente, flights from lots of UK airports by Ryan Air to either Limoges or Angouleme airports here in France. We make it easy for you as you only need hand luggage, we pick you up and take you direct to the river bank or lake as we also cater for course and/or carp fishing.

All equipment is provided for the duration of your stay as well as breakfast and evening meals.

To book or if you require any further information please contact us at if you would like to see pictures visit our gallery on

Come and share the experience, the adventure continues!!!

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The last and final 10 places in the 2009 WCC have been filled making a total of 130 competing pairs. We take pride in announcing that the event has filled in record time (less than 5 weeks).

World carp Classic 2009This is a record for the event. There will be several hundred anglers that will not been able to compete this year and we are looking at ways to resolve this for 2010. Anglers that have not been fortunate enough to secure a place are of course still very welcome to come and enjoy the pre event party and more details on this will be announced shortly.

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