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Milton Keynes Disabled Angling Club The Milton Keynes Disabled Angling Club was formed to encourage people with disabilities to fish. This includes those who used to fish and those who want to try it for the first time. Their equal oportunity policy makes disability include any loss of facilty due to the passing of time. The club boasts three licensed coaches.
What does your swim look like underwater? Find out with M & B Contour Map Fishing M & B Contour Mapping specializes in producing accurate coloured contour depth maps of lakes and Fisheries. The maps show any variations in depth, the position of ledges, holes, sunken islands or any other features. The pegs or swims are shown precisely in the correct position so the fishermen can see exactly what the water depths are like all around his swim.
MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A LICENCE BEFORE HEADING TO THE RIVER: Submitted by Adrian Westwood at The Environment Agency Anglers eagerly anticipating the opening of the coarse fishing season on June 16 should make sure they have a valid rod licence before heading for the river. The reminder comes as 270 anglers were prosecuted by the Environment Agency in May, resulting in more than £38,000 in fines and costs. In addition three anglers received cautions.
LESSONS FOR ANGLERS FROM A FISHY EDUCATION: By Rex Bledsoe Humans have a tendency to believe most animals are relatively stupid - especially fish. When anglers believe fish have limited powers of observation and intelligence, they tend to exclude the lessons most schools of fish teach their young. When they do so, they continue to believe old wives tales and misguided assumptions about fish behavior. In particular, they underestimate the capacity of the fish they are pursuing to practice the…
FACT Launches two posters to save Nation’s fisheries Fish theft and spread of disease have been the big issues for Britain ’s anglers over the last two years. The Fish Welfare Group, a working committee of Fisheries and Angling Conservation Trust (FACT), recently launched two posters carrying key messages for the health of our fisheries;
Challenging Disadvantage Challenging disadvantage by changing young lives for the better, offering friendship, experience, diversion, caring and mentoring... At 121 Youth Befriending we recruit and train volunteers from the local community to provide the necessary skills and support to young people who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. There is an increasing call on the services of 121 as young people are finding it more and more difficult to cope with the complex business of growing up and coping with…
Charity match in aid of Breast Cancer Care 228 Northern and Midland Anglers descended on Lindholme Fisheries, at Epworth, to fish a charity match in aid of Breast Cancer Care on May 2, 2007, with the event raising over £5,600 for the cause. The match was the brainchild of Kevin Allen, (a Carp Vader sponsored angler) and a regular at Lindholme, and this years event was the biggest in the three year history of the competition.
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