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Sandra Scotthorne, dual World Champion, has announced this week that she is to call it a day after representing her country on no fewer than 15 occasions.

Angling Trust Fishing NewsDick Clegg OBE, International Events Manager said “as International Events Manager for the NFA it was my responsibility at the inaugural Ladies World Championships held in Bulgaria in 1994 to select a Manager, and also to help with the selection of our first team. May Vince, our Manager, was insistent that Sandra Halkon Hunt should be part of the squad, and this same lady, having in the meantime changed her name to Scotthorne, has with the exception of 1996 been an ever present member of the team.

Her resignation from international angling is therefore a bitter pill for me to swallow. She has not only become one of the best anglers in the world but both her, and her company have helped to elevate men's, and in particular ladies’ angling worldwide. She has become a personal friend of mine, and will leave a hole in the team that will be impossible to fill.

I would like to thank Sandra for all her years of commitment and wish her all the best in her retirement”.

Mark Lloyd, Chief Executive of the Angling Trust said: “Sandra is an angling legend and has been an inspiration to thousands of female anglers who will follow in her footsteps. We are very grateful to her for 15 years of international service and for her support of the Angling Trust and wish her all the best for the future.”

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The Ladies World Championship event was held on the River Fiuma Mandria in Berreto near Palma, Italy on 22nd and 23rd August 2009. The Subfish Team England Ladies were Sandra Scotthorne, Emma Pickering, Wendy Locker, Helen Dagnall, Claire Dagnall, Samantha Perkins and Kayleigh Smith, managed by Tommy Pickering.

Angling Trust Fishing NewsAfter five days practice the team were the favourites, and caught more fish than anyone else. The team had a method that was working well and were quite confident. The match came, but the plan didn’t work on day one with the team finishing in 8th position. Unfortunately, because of the new system when there are more than 15 teams taking part the sections are split into two, and this meant that the team were only a few points behind and still had the chance to fish for a medal, so they changed the method a fraction. After two hours on day two the team had nine points and thought they were in the silver medal position, but sadly they stopped catching, fell behind and finished 10 points off a medal. At the end of the event Subfish Team England Ladies finished in 7th position.

Team Positions:
1st place – Germany
2nd place – Czech Republic
3rd place - Hungary

Full results available by clicking HERE

Tommy Pickering, Subfish Team England Ladies Manager, stated “The only chance we had was individual gold and Emma Pickering had won her section on day one. On day two Emma hooked a big fish and played it for 15 mins but it came off near the net. If she had caught it she would have been World Champion, and if she hadn’t hooked it she might have still been World Champion as she would have had time to net more fish. We are all gutted to miss out this year, but it is something that I have seen coming to be fair. When I took over 8 years ago we won 3 gold medals over 4 years, and it was easier in those days. Unfortunately now all the other teams have gone away and improved. Also all the other teams have managers, coaches and hold friendly international events. More of the teams nowadays are unbelieveable, and full credit to them that they have caught us up, but one of our problems is we don’t fish to FIPS rules. We now need to put the work in to where we should be as the standard is so different now “.

Dick Clegg OBE, International Coarse Events Manager stated “I can understand the frustration that both the management and team feel with what is a very disappointing result in Italy. However, I know the quality of everyone concerned and expect them to excel next year. When I hear the comments from the competitors of other countries and the high regard that they have for the England camp then as International Events Manager I know that this is only a small blip on an otherwise excellent international record”.

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The Board of the Angling Trust is very pleased to have received the offer of assistance from an Advisory Panel of high profile anglers. The panel is being established by some very well known and respected names from the angling media and trade, including Martin Bowler, Keith Arthur, John Wilson, John Everard, Tim Norman, Danny Fairbrass and Ruth Lockwood. We look forward very much to working with them in a spirit of full transparency and cooperation. We welcome their expert guidance in building a successful and effective organisation to represent all angling in the future.

Angling Trust Fishing NewsThe Board is very grateful to these individuals for offering their time entirely free of charge and expenses and to the very many offers of support from the trade to help promote the Angling Trust to a wider audience. We hope that this Advisory Panel will attract other anglers whose knowledge, experience and influence can help the Trust grow.
Membership recruitment has increased markedly in recent days and we hope very much that this will continue so that the organisation can establish the membership base it needs to have a powerful political voice to protect, promote and defend angling.

We urge all anglers to follow the lead of the stars and join the Angling Trust today.

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Pulborough Angling Society

Catch Reports

18th August 2009

Mike Dibble fished the River Adur below White Bridge on the evening of the 15th August. Using feeder fished banded pellets it was a bite a chuck from the Skimmers & Mike managed about a dozen to nearly 3lb plus a decent Roach. The session would have been even better if two bigger Bream had stayed on the hook & not spooked the shoal. Mike reports that other hook baits were not nearly as effective.

11th August 2009

Steve and Verity Ludlow fished their favourite swim on Deep Pond at Goose Green on the 11th August, fishing the waggler with pellet Steve caught a steady succession of Roach, Rudd, Tench, Skimmers & Gudgeon, Steve reports that at one pointy he was plagued by the Gudgeon and one Gudgeon bite sailed off into the deeper water, and after a bit of a struggle, it turned out to be a small Common Carp of around 2-0-0, shortly after another bite resulted in one of the infamous flying Bream of around 1-8-0.

4th August 2009

Steve and Verity Ludlow made a return visit to Deep Lake at Goose Green on the 4th August, after briefly contemplating trying floating baits for the carp moving on the surface the pair decided to target the many small Tench & Crucians in the lake, fishing the waggler to the marginal lilies, Steve caught Gudgeon, Rudd, Roach, Crucians and Tench on corn and strawberry pellets.  Later in the session with pellet on the hook, Steve hooked into and landed a 1-8-0 Mirror Carp, followed immediately by another that might have been a bit weightier as it managed to break Steve's 2lb10oz hook length. 

3rdAugust 2009

Andrew Eggleden sends the following report re his trips to Goose Green with his two young sons:
I have just joined Pulborough A S with a family membership and thought I would let you know of our success. I introduced my 2 sons Jake (11) and Ben (7) to fishing for the first time last month and on our first visit fished Heron without a single bite !
The following week we fished Canada with a mixed bag of small fish. The boys were thrilled they actually caught something this time !
We have just returned from fishing Deep lake today with a bag containing Gudgeon, Roach, Bream, Tench, Skimmers, Perch, Chub ( 1lb 6) and 2 Common Carp ( 3lb and 5 lb). The boys were absolutely delighted and I now seem to have two new fishing companions to help me get back into the sport I had long forgotten about.

Thanks for helping introduce my sons to fishing by providing such a well maintained fishery at Goose Green.

2nd August 2009

Goose Green was a hive of activity on Sunday 2nd August with anglers to be found on all but two of the venues lakes and ponds, Deep Lake saw Karen Ginnaw fishing peg 75 where she caught a 2 lb Chub and 1-8-0 Bream plus small Tench, Roach, Perch & Gudgeon to short pole and corn/ maggot for a total net of 4-11-0, hubby Barry was to found on adjacent peg 76, where he caught 1 Carp of 1-8-0 on the feeder plus small Carp and bits on the pole and maggot for a net of 5-12-0.

Kingfisher Lake saw Ray Clark enjoying a days fishing, Ray fishing pole & pellet caught Bream, Skimmers, Roach, Rudd and Gudgeon more or less non stop all day, also on Kingfisher lake was Mark Emery, Mark also fishing pole and pellet had a comparable net to Ray's bag with Roach, Rudd, Crucians, Skimmers, Tench & Bream coming to his waiting net.

Match Results

Tropicana Cup 23 - August 2009

Fished by 16 anglers at Goose Green.

1st (peg 63) Arthur (2 sheds) Shepherd 11.43 kg (25-3-0), 4 carp to 10 lb 14 oz and 2 chub to pole and pellet.
2nd (peg 45) Kevin Parker 8.5 kg (18-12-0) all tench to pole and single maggot.
3rd (peg 77) Dudley Chandler 6.75 kg (14-14-0) 3 carp to feeder and pellet plus bits to pole.
4th (peg 42) Chris Coole 6.6 kg (14-9-0) 3 carp to pole and worm.

Pulborough Open - 9 August 2009

Fished by 15 anglers on the bottom lake at Moor Farm;-

1st Jason Kirk (Sonubait Passies) 30.07 kg (66-5-0) 19 carp to pellet waggler.
2nd Kevin Parker (P.A.S) 29.89 kg (65-14-0) 15 carp to 10 lb on Pellet waggler.
3rd Eddie Green (Sonubait Passies) 21.35 kg (47-1-0) 15 carp to pellet waggler.
4th Colin Steer (P.A.S) 16.65 kg (36-11-0) 13 carp to method and boilie.

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Like just about every fisherman in the world it all starts as a boy, Having lived in Nottingham i was never short of a river or lake to fish, and of course what to fish for, carp, pike, bream, roach etc. So on moving to france 10 years ago i was in heaven, the unspoilt, none over fished rivers, the well stocked lakes and the beautiful surroundings and nature to take in whilst waiting for the bite.

Cat fishing FranceI started Carp fishing as i already had the equipment, my fishing trips were fruitful with A1 carp all double figures and unsuspecting! Having met my now fishing buddy i was converted by my first night CATFISHING expedition, it was amazing, these guys are monsters, with 16 catfish in one night, spending three nights by the river the catches kept coming, from 30lb up to 96lb, and all in between, its thrilling work and when they take the bait you had better be ready! landing these fish is an adrenaline rush, and the whole experience is something that every fisherman should try.

This is why i decided to set up as a guide, to share this experience with others.

The area is the Poitou Charente, flights from lots of UK airports by Ryan Air to either Limoges or Angouleme airports here in France. We make it easy for you as you only need hand luggage, we pick you up and take you direct to the river bank or lake as we also cater for course and/or carp fishing.

All equipment is provided for the duration of your stay as well as breakfast and evening meals.

To book or if you require any further information please contact us at if you would like to see pictures visit our gallery on

Come and share the experience, the adventure continues!!!

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Student Adam Richards won this weekend’s Fish-O-Mania qualifier at Tunnel Barn Farm on Saturday 16th May with a haul of 114lb 10ozs. Student Adam, from Billingham and a Maver Barnsley team member, drew peg 13 on Canal Pool where he pole fished worms across to the island to take a succession of F1’s to 3lb for his winning weight. He fed a kilo of worms and 3pints of casters to keep his fish interested.

Angling Trust Fishing News130 Anglers faced strong winds and some really heavy rain during this match, a match that produced a very close result and an interesting story. A close second was Adam’s travelling companion Gareth Malham.

Adam’s pal Gareth, a float maker from Chester Le Street and fishing under the Malman Floats banner, drew peg 14 on Top Pool where he pole fished luncheon meat at 14 metres to catch F1’s and Carp to 9lbs for his runners up weight of 111lbs 14ozs.

Third place went to Maver Midlands angler Rober Cooksey who took carp to 7lbs from Peg 26 on New Pool to weigh in with 110lbs 13ozs.

Former Finalist Steve Hemingray from Leicester came pretty close again with 99lbs 6ozs from Peg 3 on Top Pool to finish in 4th place. Steve fishes for Dorking.

Fifth place went to Stuart Ballard of Maver Midlands who weighed in 94lbs 12ozs from Peg 10 on Club Pool and James Hughes claimed 6th place with 90lbs 7ozs from Peg 18 on Top Pool.

Source: Angling Trust Fish 'O'Mania News

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Despite the generosity of Priory Farm lakes offering me a years complimentary membership, it had been over a year since I had last visited this stunning 4 lake coarse and carp fishing complex in the heart of Surrey. On that occasion in February, I had struggled all day in the cold conditions and didn't even register a single bite.

Uk Fishing diary, May 2009Priory Farm Fishing LakesDetermined to do better this time,( I certainly couldn't do any worse), I was encouraged by the recent catch reports and gallery pictures that showed the lakes were on good form. A quick chat with Ian Ford, the fishery manager at Priory Farm Lakes, confirmed this was the case and as I pulled up in the carp park I was filled with confidence that I was in for some great sport. The lakes looked very different to the last time I had seen them in winter. Bathed in late spring sunshine, with the bank side vegetation in full bloom, this well maintained, members only fishery looked first class.

I headed first to Priory Lake, built by the Victorians in the 1850s and set within an area of outstanding beauty, looked down upon by the old Priory itself.

I set up two rods, one using a groundbait feeder cast as close to the island as I dared, baited with hair rigged boilies / halibut pellets. The other rod I float fished with a waggler and banded pellets close to the lilly pads. The wind had got up considerably by now and it was hard to keep the float still and cast close to the lillies. Aside from that, it had got quite cold sitting in the shade of an old tree so despite catching a few roach on the float rod, I decided to head for the relative shelter and warmth of Hogtrough Lake.

Hogtrough lake is the youngest lake at Priory Farm, just over 5 years old. Despite this, the lake is maturing nicely with the island and bank side vegetation growing rapidly.

I wasn't overly encouraged as I noticed several anglers packing up for the day, I sure sign that the fishing was going to be as tough on Hogtrough Lake as on Priory Lake. I settled down with the same two rods, expecting little but as least warm and comfortable. To my surprise, after only a few moments, my waggler dipped slowly under the water. The dull weight on the end of the line with little fight meant only one thing ... bream. And what a lovely bream it was, around the 5lb mark. Over the next hour or so, I banked another half a dozen bream or so, none as large as the first, but all within the 2-4lb bracket.

Happy with some action at least, I headed back to London, determined not to leave it another year before I visit this superb fishery again, this time hopefully to capture one of the Prior Farm resident carp.

For more information on Priory Farm Fishing Lakes, visit their website at:

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The application forms for the 2009 Sensas Team England Under 18s and Drennan Team England Under 22 teams that will compete at the World Youth Championships in Portugal are now available for download from the Angling Trust website,

Angling TrustFollowing the unprecedented double gold success for Matt Godfrey and Callum Dicks at the 2008 Championships in Belgium, as well as the team bronze achieved by the Sensas Team England U 17s, the standard of angler needs to be of the highest level.

Applicants must impress both Mark Downes and Steve Sanders the England Youth Team Managers, who will once again be tasked with the search for the finest young talent this country can provide. Successful applicants will represent England in this year’s World Championships taking place in Portugal on 25th and 26th July.

Mark Downes adds, “The River in Portugal is a great venue and will favour the better waggler anglers. Small barbel and carp are the quarry and long distance feeding of sticky maggot with wagglers up to 16 gm will be required. The pole will also play a major role especially on the U 18s match length where the water runs a little deeper.

The teams this year will be looking to overhaul the Italians and a powerful home nation who usually do well on these warm water venues but I see no reason why we shouldn’t give them a run for their money.”

All completed application forms including nominations plus references must be at the Angling Trust by no later than 8th May 2009. The trials will be held in late May in a venue to be confirmed shortly. Forms should be sent to Angling Trust, The National Water Sports Centre, Adbolton Lane, Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham, NG12 2LU.

Source: Angling Trust

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Any angler aged 12 years or over, fishing for salmon, trout, freshwater fish or eels in England (except the River Tweed), Wales or the Border Esk and its tributaries in Scotland must have an Environment Agency rod licence.

Environment Agency Rod LicenceRod licences are available from Post Office outlets throughout England and Wales, online, by direct debit and over the telephone on 0844 800 5386. The phone line is open from 8.30am to 8.00pm daily from March to September and 8.30am to 6.00pm from October to February.

How much does it cost?

Prices for 2009/10 Rod Licences - valid from 1 April 2009 to 31 March 2010

Category Non-migratory trout, char, freshwater fish (coarse fish) and eels Salmon and migratory trout (sea trout), non-migratory trout, char, freshwater fish (coarse fish) and eels
Full season (expires 31st March 2010)  £26.00 £70.00
Junior Concession £5.00 £5.00
Senior Concession £17.25 £46.50
Disabled Concession £17.25 £46.50
8 Day £9.50  £22.50
1 Day £3.50 £7.75

A salmon and sea trout licence covers you to fish for non-migratory trout and coarse fish as well. Failure to have a licence is an offence.

Remember: If you are fishing with 3 or 4 rods then you will need to purchase a second licence.

Concessionary licences

  • junior concession is available to anglers aged 12 to 16 years inclusive
  • senior concession is available to anglers aged 65 years and over
  • disabled concession is available to anglers in receipt of a Blue Badge or Disability Living Allowance. You will need to provide your Blue Badge Number or National Insurance Number when buying your licence
Important information
  • Anglers under the age of 12 do not need a rod licence to go fishing
  • Full and concessionary rod licences expire on the 31st March each year
  • 1-day rod licence is valid for 24 consecutive hours
  • 8-day rod licence is valid for 192 consecutive hours from the start time and date
Be warned!
If you fish without a rod licence you are cheating other anglers, it is an offence to fish for freshwater fish and eels without a valid rod licence and if you are caught you may be fined up to £2,500.

The money raised through rod licence sales is invested directly in fisheries work that benefits all anglers.

** Buy a rod licence online now >>

Source: Environment Agency Rod Licence >>

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Despite some pretty recent grim weather, two more Temple thirties hit the bank at Bury Hill Fisheries this week

Regular Robin Ellis bagged his third Temple thirty in as many weeks catching a 30lb 12oz mirror. Fishing swim 4 along the road bank on Wednesday, Robin fished with the now famous glugged corn with a cream pop up to the island margins catching a 30lb 12oz mirror just as he was about to pack up.

The other angler to bag a thirty this week was Glen Baker who caught a brace of commons weighing 32lb 4oz and 21lb. Glen fished swim 9 catching on a Pro Mainline Pineapple boilie, which he sprayed with Pineapple glug. Both of Glen’s fish came from the margins, the thirty from the bank margin, and the smaller common from the island margin. Glen also lost a good fish.

Robin Ellis with a 30lb 12oz Mirror Glen Baker with a 32lb 4oz Common

With the weather now looking warmer, expect more thirties action in the coming days and weeks.

Source: Bury Hill Fisheries

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